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  • Save Stitchers

    Save Stitchers

    I started this petition to try to convince either Freeform or another network or  streaming site to save Stitchers and give it a season 4. Many shows have been brought back after being cancelled because of fan involvement. We can bring Stitchers back with enough fan involvement. Please sign this...

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  • Get Mono to date me

    Get Mono to date me

    Look here I am a desperate high school girl that's deserves some good puss. Sign my pentition to help me on my journey to get some good puss. Thank you all. This is a joke btw y'all, I just got bored at work and made this. But like if you wanna sign this do 😏

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  • CERN the Destroyer heart the Destroyer

    CERN the Destroyer heart the Destroyer

    Ladies and gentlemen of the Earth as a fellow citizen of the Earth as a field citizen of the United States we have a duty to each other not it just here but all across the world to stop this company called CERN the globalist own company and HAARP that is trying to destroy our way alives I asked all...

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  • Change the National Anthem to Love Sosa by Chief Keef

    Change the National Anthem to Love Sosa by Chief Keef

    We need to change our national anthem. What better to change it to than Love Sosa

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  • Sixth Grade Petition

    Sixth Grade Petition

    Boys and girls should sit together at lunch to learn about each other and possibly make new friends.

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  • Traditional Uniforms and Shakos

    Traditional Uniforms and Shakos

    We would like to respectfully request to be allowed to wear shakos when we wear our traditional uniforms. Reasons to Allow Shakos:-We won't be wearing them with the hoods, only the traditional uniforms.-The veterans can help provide an example for rookies on how to march with them and wear them...

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  • Save Animals. No Kill.

    Save Animals. No Kill.

    It breaks my heart to see animals roaming the streets with no home to go too or starving with nothing to eat. I am a rescue fur mama of a yellow lab and wouldn't have it any other way. He would have died if I didn't rescue him. Why would anyone wanna kill a dog who just needs some love and attention...

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  • Get an Olive Garden in Surry, VA

    Get an Olive Garden in Surry, VA

    Get an Olive Garden in Surry, VA

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  • Glinton and Northborough FC

    Glinton and Northborough FC

    Larkfleet Homes, as part of its wider development proposals for land off Lincoln Road and Welmore Road, is offering the opportunity for Glinton and Northborough Football Club to build a new home and consolidate into a single location. I support the proposals as the benefits will include:· A permanent...

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  • Petition to Change the Time of the Prayer Chapel

    Petition to Change the Time of the Prayer Chapel

    “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thine inner chamber, and having shut thy door, pray to thy Father who is in secret, and thy Father who seeth in secret shall recompense thee.”‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:6‬ ‭ASV‬‬After several attempts from my fellow students and I (Emmanuel Cuffee...

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  • Send Haleigh to Newnan 2017

    Send Haleigh to Newnan 2017

    Help a girl visit her best friends please :)

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  • Enough is Enough

    Enough is Enough

    This petition is being created to represent the citizens of Algiers Pointe who can not make it to the APAC meeting this week. As a community we are more than disturbed by the increase in crime and violence in our neighborhood. It had become an almost daily occurrence than someone in our lovely neighborhood...

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  • Sign This Petition If You Care About Your Health

    Sign This Petition If You Care About Your Health

    Do you care about your health? Of course you do, as many of us do. However, while you are trying your best to exercise regularly, eat moderately and sleep at least eight hours every day, something is going against you and those are rules and regulations which allow the introduction of hazardous and...

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  • Get rid of Columbus statue

    Get rid of Columbus statue

    Christopher Columbus is know for discovering what we all know today as America and and sailed the ocean blue for a long time to conquer this land but the real truth will have you livid. As he arrived to America which was first owned by Indians he went against his trade agreements raped and killed many...

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  • Alderman blaxill colchester

    Alderman blaxill colchester

    We the undersigned wish the name "Alderman Blaxill" to be in the name of the new School proposed in Paxman Avenue. Shrub End Colchester. Our views matter as local people.

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