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  • Shave Carson’s "Moustace"

    Shave Carson’s "Moustace"

    Please help this man, he suffers from having no dignity. And along with hurting himself, his excuse for a “moustace” hurts everyone who sees it. 

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  • Remove the Negativity from Addiction Treatment Organizations

    Remove the Negativity from Addiction Treatment Organizations

    The Goal. To convince heads of national addiction treatment organizations and private facilities to undergo a name change because of the stigma implied by the word “abuse”.The Problem. Drug or alcohol addiction is unquestionably an arduous task. Part of what makes the struggle all the more...

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  • Make Dave Walters redo the right hand side of the shed

    Make Dave Walters redo the right hand side of the...

    For some unknown reason, Dave decided to frustrate many engineering and analytical minds across the facebook landscape, by nailing horizontal bits o wood, rather than vertical ones.. People are losing their minds Dave, save lives, go vertical!

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  • Save Alabama AllKids

    Save Alabama AllKids

    For thousands of Alabama parents including myself, Alabama AllKids has been a saving grace. Children should not have to go without medical care because they up and decide to shut down. Congress needs to step up and do something to help the future of Alabama. 

    83 Signatures
  • Ellie's Bill

    Ellie's Bill

    As of this moment the following is addressed to the American Congress and all state government officials. To the Australian parliment. Canadian parliment. And British parliment. It not surprise that the mental health services in the before mentioned countries are often a poor excuse and often times...

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  • Sign This Petition If You Care About Your Health

    Sign This Petition If You Care About Your Health

    Do you care about your health? Of course you do, as many of us do. However, while you are trying your best to exercise regularly, eat moderately and sleep at least eight hours every day, something is going against you and those are rules and regulations which allow the introduction of hazardous and...

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  • Make Marijuana Legal in the UK

    Make Marijuana Legal in the UK

    Marijuana has a bad reputation but truth is it is amazing! Medicinally and even recreationally. It is less harmful then smoking and alcohol, legal things.. even caffeine is more dangerous. It has been made legal in more and more places, let's be part of the movement!  Ganja is good!

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  • Quarantine the band kids

    Quarantine the band kids


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  • High School Recess For NMHS

    High School Recess For NMHS

    Us high schoolers are tired of being in class for so long with no breaks.

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  • Proper disposal of garbages.

    Proper disposal of garbages.

              Proper disposal of Garbages!!    We are petitioning that we need to respect our comminity or society, Don't throw your garbages anywhere, It can destroy our mother nature  . Although lets just reunite make our society keep Clean and Green.&...

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  • Improve School Lunch

    Improve School Lunch

    While we all loved the Obama's in office and all the wonderful things they accomplished, the change in "SCHOOL LUNCHES" seems to be a joke. We the undersigned hereby affirm a recap on what school lunch is supposed to provide for our children. Some of these children see this as their first and last meal...

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  • Help Patients under the Mental Health Service that ask for it!

    Help Patients under the Mental Health Service that...

    I have started this Petition because people like myself that have been classed as a high risk under the Wales mental health service have been let down in parts of their care some who have even been suicidal have sadly taken their own lives due to beeing turned away or having to wait for long appointment...

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  • Help Blake quit smoking and drinking

    Help Blake quit smoking and drinking

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • Require All Social Media Companies to Create Distraction-Free Apps

    Require All Social Media Companies to Create Distraction...

    The Goal. To require all existing social media companies to modify their apps in order to reduce and prevent road accidents caused by app-related activities.The Problem. In addition to texting and calling, drivers have found a new way to use their phone while driving – and in turn endanger themselves...

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  • Bring White Castle to Palm Beach

    Bring White Castle to Palm Beach

    Listen I am going to get straight to the point. Florida, needs White Castle. Although I enjoy popping heavenly golden frozen burgers into the microwave whenst I get the crave (which at this point is almost daily since there are no real White Castles down here) just isn't cutting it anymore...

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  • Change the Smoothie

    Change the Smoothie

    For years the Costco smoothie has been a cherished part of every household. In recent years this onced loved company switched its most enjoyed item on the menu to make it "healthier." Here we strive for the perfection of the smoothie and the retribution of costo. Thank you

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  • Disabled friendly gym's

    Disabled friendly gym's

    When somebody has a physical, neurological or physiological condition which is terminal that has been treated at a hospital they will then have to go through rehabilitation using the hospitals specialist equipment for a period of time until the hospital feels that the patient has recovered...

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  • Petition Keep Sammy as a Trainer at Title

    Petition Keep Sammy as a Trainer at Title

    We all love Sammy as a trainer. He is not only a huge motivator but big influencer too. He offers a boxing style that is different to any other trainer. He always has so much energy which rubs off on other people. He is the perfect role model for children and adults. Please sign this petition to show...

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  • Pokemon go night raids

    Pokemon go night raids

    Hello fellow Pokemon go trainers I am a Pokemon go trainers and part of team valor I'd like to announce that I am petitioning for night raids in Pokemon go. I've noticed they stop around 7:30pm I am hoping to extend the raids till 11pm or 12am latest. Please help me by sharing and signing this petition...

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  • Don't get rid of prawn cocktail crisps

    Don't get rid of prawn cocktail crisps

    we can't allow the prawn cocktail flavoured crisps to be taken away from our society. We can't deprive our future children of this.

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