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  • Stop VHL central

    Stop VHL central

    The world language department has been using VHL central to teach students world languages. Most of the teachers do a warmup then sit at their desk and don't teach there students their specific world languages. The students are mostly teaching themselves. On VHL central we don't hear, speak, or write...

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  • Change the dress code

    Change the dress code

    The new dress code is unfair. People have bought expensive waterbottles with the purpose of using them. And now they aren't allowed at all?! The dress code is unfair most girls don't own the clothes you demand we must wear. This dress code makes me and many other girls and boys self conscious about...

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  • mens volleyball

    mens volleyball

    Mens volleyball should be included as a sport at St.Lawrence school, both at P.E. and as a team.

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  • Additional Student Parking

    Additional Student Parking

    Oceanside High School has, for some time, provided upper class students with the ability to drive a car the opportunity to park said car within three parking lots on the grounds of Oceanside High School.The 'Third Lot', previously used by students, has now been reassigned by administration for use by...

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  • Change Canada's name to "Canadia"

    Change Canada's name to "Canadia"

    We should change Canada's name because it sounds better as canadia 

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  • No more homework!

    No more homework!

    Homework can be helpful...sometimes...but other times it’s just too stressful. We all have different schelduals and personally my schedual doesn’t have any room for home work to fit in. We already have school for 6-7 hours, why do we need another 1-3 hours of it?!?!? Even if we cant get...

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  • Save the name (Robert E lee)

    Save the name (Robert E lee)

    I believe that trying to change the name of Robert E lee high school, is just crazy its a part of history not only for the ones who have gone to that school but also for are kids who are going. They say the name offends people like really what about the offends you? You cant just go around an say sonething...

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  • Save the name (Robert E Lee)

    Save the name (Robert E Lee)

    We need to mk sure the name does not change because it is part of history. And all of our history is being ripped from our children because of some ignorant people who say that everything offends them. It is history you can't. Hang history, changing the name of our school will not change history, we...

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  • Keep the Robert E. Lee High School name

    Keep the Robert E. Lee High School name

    NEISD just voted to remove Alter Robert E. Lee high school's name due to its cultural ties. Stand up for what is right

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  • On slow County Schools Refusing Students Meals

    On slow County Schools Refusing Students Meals

    This petition is for your vote on removing the decision of refusing Middle School students lunch due to their parents debt of more than $20.00 in lunch fee's, and refusing High School students to charge lunch at all. This is our chance to be heard so please state your opinion on the Board Of Education...

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  • More Hallway Time

    More Hallway Time

    we need more than 3 mins to get from art and other classes. no more being late. add 2 minutes to our walking time.  

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  • Change snake name to Danger Noodle

    Change snake name to Danger Noodle

     Saying snake is just too boring

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  • The supporters the Blade Family Music Room Continue To Be Dedicated To Music

    The supporters the Blade Family Music Room Continue...

    We the supporters of fairness and arts in education demand the Blade Family Music Room continue to be dedicated to music.             The Maury County Board of Education voted to dedicate the music room at Culleoka Unit School to the Blade Family for their 13-year...

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  • Build a new Firth High School

    Build a new Firth High School

    The AW Johnson elementary school has provided many years of fun and education for the students in the Firth School District. Unfortunately it has hit a point where it is costing our district too much money to upkeep and maintain. Our high school is still in good shape but we are beginning to find needs...

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  • Change Administration at John Marshall High School

    Change Administration at John Marshall High School

    The administration (Dr. Royal & Mrs. Walsh) within these four walls have continuously failed our children and staff time and time again. We have had enough and are requesting their immediate removal.While our schools are the heartbeat of our community, it is imperative that the leadership within...

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  • Gay people shouldnt be allowed at my tacobell

    Gay people shouldnt be allowed at my tacobell

    I don't think gay people should be allowed at my taco bell because once a gay person  told me he didn't like tacos.

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  • Puppies over babies

    Puppies over babies

    As a millennial I believe it is important that school provides us with the proper knowledge on caring for dog babies instead of human babies, I believe this is beneficial because the human race is over populated and needs to be cut down. By enforcing puppies on high school students we will soon realize...

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  • Bring Back Jeffery Kirby's Glasses

    Bring Back Jeffery Kirby's Glasses

    Recently Jeffery Kirby (AKA: Mr. Kirbs) has stoped wearing his glasses. This bigot distressed people in his life, so we are aiming to have him bring his glasses back for the well being of those around him who care. Please sign and share so we can give the people what they want.

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  • Remove Avid from kisd

    Remove Avid from kisd

    I would like to remove avid from classes OTHER THAN AVID in the Keller Independent School District. I don't believe in their practices and refuse to buy their binder nor $5.00 agenda

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  • Parents Taking A Stand DCPS Re-evaluate Your Recommended Reading Material

    Parents Taking A Stand DCPS Re-evaluate Your Recommended...

    This petition is to ask the DCPS system to take a second look and rethink their choices on books they are recommending to our children. My son was given 2 books to choose from for his summer reading. He had to read the book then give a report by September 1, 2017. One choice (the book my son started...

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