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  • sled is not enough!

    sled is not enough!

    there should be a specific group created in each state that can investigate and overlook public officials like cops e.m.s and fire dept employees that violate a citizens constitutional rights.

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  • Build the subjugation ring

    Build the subjugation ring

    we believe this ring thing should be built.

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  • Petition for Brandon Warner To Be Resentenced To A Lesser Sentence

    Petition for Brandon Warner To Be Resentenced To A...

    Petition Summary: This petition is signed on behalf of Brandon Warner, to have his motion to be resentenced to a lesser sentence granted by this Honorable Court of Fulton County. The signatures contained in this petition represent and are endorsements by his community, community leaders, family, public...

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  •  Tighten control on sale of corrosive substances in order to stop acid attacks

    Tighten control on sale of corrosive substances in...

    Corrosive substances should not be available to buy without licence. Children as young as fifteen should never have been able to have dangerous acids in their possession in order for them to carry out these life-changing attacks.We propose that the government and its secretarys place a new law which...

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  • No more M.S.I.

    No more M.S.I.

    I been incarcerated inside before its worst than a level five camp medium shouldn't be attached to it most of the guards are worst than the inmates the phone system is bogus the food is not fit for human consumption inmates die in their without public being notification when its 100 degrees outside...

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  • attacks on innocent muslims should be labelled terrorism

    attacks on innocent muslims should be labelled terrorism...

    This petition is being made to agree that horrific attacks on innocent muslims and non muslim people no matter what religion or background you come why should it not be classed as terrorism why should we fear to walk around the country we've lived in been born in and have kids to bring up in this needs...

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  • Tech should resign

    Tech should resign

    Tech should be gone and he should never ever work there ever again  

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  • Stop Forcing Drivers to Pay More for Car Insurance Premiums

    Stop Forcing Drivers to Pay More for Car Insurance...

    The Goal. To bring third party only premiums back to reasonable costs.The Problem. Many factors have led to the sudden increase in car insurance premiums across the country, including higher IPT and surge in fraudulent claims. While insurance is definitely a product that may go up as time passes, third...

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  • No ms taxis amarillos tijuana

    No ms taxis amarillos tijuana

    A quien corresponda:Todos los ciudadanos estamos hartos y cansados de que nos vean la cara. De que sean corruptos, agresivos, careros con los ciudadanos. Desde que entró el servicio de UBER en Tijuana, han agredido a todo ciudadano que pida cerca del lugar (Garita de San Ysidro), sin importar...

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  • Tougher laws for motorist that kill motorcyclist

    Tougher laws for motorist that kill motorcyclist

    We need to have tougher laws against motorist that's negligence takes the lives of motorcyclist. If the person ran a stop sign failed to give the right of way and takes a life they should be held accountable. Receiveing a ticket does nothing to prevent these tragedies. They should face jail time. It...

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  • Stop the Dramatic Violence In Pottstown, Pa. 19464

    Stop the Dramatic Violence In Pottstown, Pa. 19464

    We deserve a safer neighborhood. We are a diverse group of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, in Montgomery County area residents is very upset with the recent dramatic increase in crime in our neighborhood and town...With your help, we want to make our neighborhood safer again. We are asking our neighbors to...

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  • Kaizen Is My World

    Kaizen Is My World

    My son was recently hospitalized because he started acting out of the ordinary. After bringing him to the ER they flew us to Arkansas Childrens Hospital in Little Rock as most of you may know who follow me or my videos we found out that he had an abscess in his brain. Because of this members of my family...

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  • Get Bleach Banned For Hacking Coinflips

    Get Bleach Banned For Hacking Coinflips

    Bleach has been getting "very lucky" with his coin flips. I have evidence beyond reason to believe that he is using hacks/scripts. I made this petition in hope to get the hacker that takes everyone's money banned!

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  • Demote dragonguy

    Demote dragonguy

    DragonGuy first joined about a month ago to this discord server, he was invited to LightningJet357, who has moderator role in the server. Dragonguy has only been in the server for about a month and he is already an Admin, the top role of the server, and many people have been viewer, the lowest rank...

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  • Freedom for David Sell

    Freedom for David Sell

     This petition is brought in behalf of David Sell to support and promote his re-entry into society. David's personal development as well as his passion for working with at-risk youth to assist them in navigating life's obstacles has been inspirational. David was sentenced to 43 1/2 years to...

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  • Save the UK. Hold another General Election

    Save the UK. Hold another General Election

    Theresa May and the Conservatives have cut security, education and welfare funding to line their own pockets. Enough is enough. £1billion is available to form a coalition but not for the security and stability of the UK. Sign for another General Election.

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  • Children have rights too

    Children have rights too

     I am a single mother of 5. Three of my children and myself are going through a custody/visitation battle with the biological father.The father has been phyisicaly  and mentally violent towards me and my children.  He also has 3 other mothers of his 4 children which he does not see and...

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  • Release Tax Refund

    Release Tax Refund

    This petition is created for a reason that HMRC is withholding tax payers Tax Refund for NO reason.TAX SPOT company is acting as service provider and nominee to receive Tax Refund on behalf of our clients.TAX SPOT has enquired several person's Tax Refund on the 20-21-22nd of June. All consultants said...

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  • Help us bring Jack home

    Help us bring Jack home

    I've never wrote a petition. After researching many different ideas on writing one. I decided that I would just speak from the heart. So, here goes. I'm writing this to help my son. Jack is 18 years old. He got involved with some people who helped influence his decisions of what was right & what was...

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  • Keep FloatPool PRN

    Keep FloatPool PRN

              Once again management presented a proposal to have 110 Float RNs sign up a 6 week work schedule along with the removal of the 48hr cancellation.  In the past the float nurses strongly objected and refused to accept those conditions , yet management is insisting...

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