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  • Pleaz Help

    Pleaz Help

    I Johnny Lee Isaac have served 15 years on a 20 year sentence. I'm asking the citizens of the city of Dublin to help me to make parole for The Last 5 Years of my sentence. I have been preparing myself to be a productive member of society in Dublin Georgia by taking work skill classes and education classes...

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  • To be illegal for landlords to refuse pets

    To be illegal for landlords to refuse pets

    I would like it to become illegal for Landlords to refuse pets as an excuse for not allowing their properties to be rented out. Pets are members of the family and to rent privately and socially all landlords state No Pets which should be outlawed. People should not be penalised for renting property...

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  • help mario stay

    help mario stay

    Pls help me

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  • Remove the Ban on Semiautomatic Rifles for Big Game Hunting in PA

    Remove the Ban on Semiautomatic Rifles for Big Game...

    The Goal. To convince the state’s gaming commission to remove its ban on the use of semiautomatic rifles for big game hunting in Pennsylvania.The Problem. The state of Pennsylvania is one of the last two states to still outlaw the use of semiautomatic rifles for big game hunting. A small fraction...

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  • Access the Lane

    Access the Lane

    We would like to add our name to the campaign to recover the right of servitude access to our lane which has been removed by the owner of 7 Mearns Rd 

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  • Get Elijah and Christine on tour @Fullscreen

    Get Elijah and Christine on tour @Fullscreen

    We all love our parents Elijah and Christine so much that we have to meet them.

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  • Citizen Against Injustice Now

    Citizen Against Injustice Now

     There are outdated laws in Georgia that are causing people to spend ridiculous amounts of time in prison. We are not trying to get all the criminals out, but people change.O.C.G.A. title 17-10-6.1 section (c) paragraph 3 states that if a person receives a sentence other than life that they must...

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  • Revise Child Support

    Revise Child Support

    Father's are you tired off paying child support and not being able to see or share at least half the time with your child/children. Father's are you tired of the system taking your driver's license. Father's are you tired of facing legal action possibly felony charges,jail time etc.....then this could...

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  • Drug court

    Drug court

    We in the Mercer County Pa area are very limited when it comes to getting help with Addiction. Our family and friends are dying everyday. We are in desperate need of drug court. Please sign my petition to get a drug court to the mercer county area.Definition: Drug courts are problem-solving courts...

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  • Protect Culture

    Protect Culture

    It is already illegal to sell products and claim them as Indian products if you are not of a tribe, enrolled in a tribe. We wish to also make it illegal to mislead people into buying products by using ad word searches to lure people to a site. Example "I google Native American Headress and False...

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  • Disallow public formation in streets during protests

    Disallow public formation in streets during protests

    To change the current laws that permit groups that are protesting. To add an amendment that prohibits groups from obstructing the flow of traffic on public roadways and to prohibit any buildings, houses, apartments etc. from having their entrances blocked.

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  • Petition to Change the Time of the Prayer Chapel

    Petition to Change the Time of the Prayer Chapel

    “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thine inner chamber, and having shut thy door, pray to thy Father who is in secret, and thy Father who seeth in secret shall recompense thee.”‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:6‬ ‭ASV‬‬After several attempts from my fellow students and I (Emmanuel Cuffee...

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  • Enough is Enough

    Enough is Enough

    This petition is being created to represent the citizens of Algiers Pointe who can not make it to the APAC meeting this week. As a community we are more than disturbed by the increase in crime and violence in our neighborhood. It had become an almost daily occurrence than someone in our lovely neighborhood...

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  • Get rid of Columbus statue

    Get rid of Columbus statue

    Christopher Columbus is know for discovering what we all know today as America and and sailed the ocean blue for a long time to conquer this land but the real truth will have you livid. As he arrived to America which was first owned by Indians he went against his trade agreements raped and killed many...

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  • Emancipation


    I am responsible for myself I have two jobs I'm getting married next summer I would like to drop the gaurdianship

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  • Chimmey chongas

    Chimmey chongas

    Save the chimmey chongas  

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  • Ban Trump from the U.S.

    Ban Trump from the U.S.

    Ban Trump from America. Let's make america great again. JUSTICE.   created by @kiilervibes

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  • tre must be stopped

    tre must be stopped

    old memes just aren't funny. please help a serious cause in stopping lauren from obsessing over tre

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  • Getting Justice for my father that was lable not by the postive person he is.

    Getting Justice for my father that was lable not by...

    Today is the day that i give my all and ever fight i have in me to get justice for my dad no matter what it takes and how long it takes. My dad was judged by the mistakes he made in life unstand of of the postive things he done in life and all the people he impacted. Lorain police department did not...

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  • Moderation on Tengaged

    Moderation on Tengaged

    Please sign this petition. We need moderation on Tengaged in order for the website to function. I am ready to be there for the community of Tengaged and employ 2-3 users to join me in the moderation team. Please sign this so I can send to randomize in order to regain the control of the website...

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