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  • Save Alton Community Centre

    Save Alton Community Centre

    Please sign this petition to Save Alton Community Centre from proposed East Hampshire District Council cuts: Alton Community Centre is a very popular activities hub at the heart of the East Hants community, located in the centre of Alton and easily accessible and reasonably priced for clubs, adult...

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  • Moral leadership for african americans

    Moral leadership for african americans

    WE BELIEVE African Americans deserve strong, moral leaders who will pursue the noble dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that all people should be judged "not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."WE BELIEVE that many of today's so-called "civil rights leaders" have lost...

    397 signatures
  • We are cully! say no to the rezone!

    We are cully! say no to the rezone!

    We are a group of neighbors and residents of the Maury County, Tennessee community expressing opposition to the proposed school rezoning plan prepared by a task force of citizens which was commissioned by the Maury County School Board. We object to Maury County School board’s plan to devastate...

    1,788 signatures
  • Opposition to Acquisition of Kaplan U. by Purdue U.

    Opposition to Acquisition of Kaplan U. by Purdue U...

    To the Higher Learning Commission,    We, the undersigned faculty of Purdue University, express our opposition to the acquisition of Kaplan University by Purdue University for the following reasons: In this transaction, Purdue University is not creating new access to higher education...

    343 signatures
  • Petition for I Don't Know How but They Found Me to come to Boston

    Petition for I Don't Know How but They Found Me to...

    Breezy said if there was enough demand for IDKHBTFM to come to a place they would. Let's show them that we want em'!

    95 signatures
  • End abduction/rape/forced marriages of minorities to militants in Pakistan

    End abduction/rape/forced marriages of minorities...

    A Christian mother of three who was kidnapped and raped by her Muslim landlord, has again highlighted the dangers faced by young women followers of Christ in Pakistan.  learn more (click here)The incident occurred July 23rd 2015 when the young woman was abducted from a field located at at Burj...

    2,308 signatures
  • Sa needs bts

    Sa needs bts

    ARMY NEEDS BTS IN SOUTH AFRICA TOONamjoon (Rap Monster) once thanked South African ARMYs by the nameWhich means they know they have fanbase hereArtists don't pick where they perform The country needs to invite and pay themSouth Africa is not aware of how many ARMYs there are hereSo they think that...

    1,129 signatures
  • Get Power Tumbling in the Olympics

    Get Power Tumbling in the Olympics

    Power Tumbling is a beautifully difficult, entertaining, and intricate Gymnastics sport. Yet, it isn't in the Olympics. The amount of skill needed to become a world competing power tumbler, requires just as much discipline as any other Olympic sport if not more. If made an Olympic sport, power tumblers...

    4,635 signatures
  • Get Lana Parrilla on The L Word Sequel

    Get Lana Parrilla on The L Word Sequel

    Petition to get this amazing actress on the L Word Sequel. She is one of the most expressive and talented actresses I've had the pleasure of watching. She cares deeply for the LGBT community and has been an ally and cheerleader. I really just want her to show off her acting chops on a show that...

    121 signatures
  • Save Thorney Park & Lake!

    Save Thorney Park & Lake!

    We are fighting to save the beautiful Thorney Park & Lake from the clutches of developers who want to use it for dumping spoil and building rubble over the course of the next 6 years!This is a local beauty spot and nature reserve that is completely unspoilt and 100% natural.  It is home to...

    916 signatures
  • New supermarket option for the Greenwich Millennium Village

    New supermarket option for the Greenwich Millennium...

    The residents of the Greenwich Millennium Village feel that there are insufficient supermarket options in the village with only one local, unsatisfactory shop. There is high demand for a new shop and we would welcome a brand or an independent shop to fill this gap in the market. 

    191 signatures
  • Rivertown Valley Rezoning Plan

    Rivertown Valley Rezoning Plan

    The Rivertown Valley Rezoning Plan was unanimously approved by the Planning Commission on February 20, 2018!  A big thanks to all of the residents willing to work together with Granger Group to support a comprehensive plan that will enrich the lives of many within the community. The 2018 Rezoning...

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  • Remove Chris Evans from The Radio 2 Breakfast Show

    Remove Chris Evans from The Radio 2 Breakfast Show

    WE the undersigned, as licence payers and loyal Radio 2 listeners, wish to return the breakfast show to it's original style of easing us into the day with gentle banter and music. This will involve the removal or redeployment of Chris Evans as we feel that he is totally unsuitable for this programme...

    216 signatures
  • VW Emission Fix issues

    VW Emission Fix issues

    As you may have seen on many news and TV shows now (including watchdog episode 12/7/17) many people are having issues as a result of the VW emission update on their effected VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat cars.However even with the Department for Transport and other above shows receiving thousands of complaints...

    809 signatures
  • Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Blu-ray and DVD

    Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Blu-ray and DVD

    Sign the petition in hopes of gaining attention from JK Rowling and persuading her to consider releasing Harry Potter and The Cursed Child play on Blu-ray and DVD. 

    36 signatures