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  • Sa needs bts

    Sa needs bts

    ARMY NEEDS BTS IN SOUTH AFRICA TOONamjoon (Rap Monster) once thanked South African ARMYs by the nameWhich means they know they have fanbase hereArtists don't pick where they perform The country needs to invite and pay themSouth Africa is not aware of how many ARMYs there are hereSo they think that...

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  • Asylum by right

    Asylum by right

    We urge the Royal Thai, Malaysian and Sri Lankan government to stop oppressing Pakistani Christian (and other) refugees and asylum seekers and treating them inhumanely.  In particular, we call on them to; Sign the UNHCR protocols, or at least abide by their core tenets, stop raiding,...

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  • Camp Camp Season 3

    Camp Camp Season 3

    I have started this petition to inform the creators of Camp Camp to finally add a season three. For you see, summer break has yet to end for Max and the Camp Campbell campers. The folks at Rooster Teeth might just create a whole new season, while seeing how large the fanbase of this extraordinary show...

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  • Save Stitchers

    Save Stitchers

    I started this petition to try to convince either Freeform or another network or  streaming site to save Stitchers and give it a season 4. Many shows have been brought back after being cancelled because of fan involvement. We can bring Stitchers back with enough fan involvement. Please sign this...

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  • Carrie 2013: release the extended director's cut on dvd/blu-ray

    Carrie 2013: release the extended director's cut on...

    WITH ALL DUE RESPECT: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Sony Pictures, Screen Gems, 20th Century Fox, and Misher Films:  This petition is for those avid Carrie fans who hope to see an Extended Director's Cut of Carrie (2013) released on DVD and Blu-ray. It has come to the attention of fans that there were many...

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  • Give Joseph Christiansen A Good Ending

    Give Joseph Christiansen A Good Ending

    Hello, my name is James, and I started this petition because I feel that the Dream Daddy devs, Vernon Shaw and Leighton Gray, made a very big mistake in not giving one of the characters in their game a good ending.If you are one of the many itching for Joseph Christiansen of Dream Daddy to have a good...

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  • E News to Cancel Keeping Up with the Kardashians

    E News to Cancel Keeping Up with the Kardashians

    Let's make america great again... A time with real talent and not nude selfies when there are real problem in our world! I like many of you am sick and tired of the news covering the Kardashians. When they change their hair color or get lip injections or get lipo and think they can fool everyone...

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  • Season Three of Camp Camp

    Season Three of Camp Camp

    There have been rumors going around about Camp Camp ending, and us devoted followers obviously don't want it to end! If we could post this on a few episodes on Camp Camp, we might actually achieve our goal! Thank you!♡  

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  • End abduction/rape/forced marriages of minorities to militants in Pakistan

    End abduction/rape/forced marriages of minorities...

    A Christian mother of three who was kidnapped and raped by her Muslim landlord, has again highlighted the dangers faced by young women followers of Christ in Pakistan.  learn more (click here)The incident occurred July 23rd 2015 when the young woman was abducted from a field located at at Burj...

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  • Save The Originals - Season 6

    Save The Originals - Season 6

    The Originals is a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries. Season 5 being the last and yet to release, this show deserves to be saved, WE NEED SEASON 6 !!!!!!!!!       HELP, PLEASE, IT CAN'T END SO SOON.

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  • Liquor liscence for Rehab Bar

    Liquor liscence for Rehab Bar

    Rehab is one of our favorite bars in Juneau county,  we would hate to see it close for good.  It is the only place in town where you always feel welcome and is also one of the only place to go and enjoy great DJ entertainment.

    154 signatures
  • Renew Sweet/Vicious For Season 2!

    Renew Sweet/Vicious For Season 2!

    Petition Created By: Monica StromTwitter: @MStrom17Sweet/Vicious is a show on MTV created by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. Sweet/Vicious follows Jules and Ophelia, two college students from different walks of life who team up and become vigilantes. Together these two take a stand against those on their...

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  • Remove Chris Evans from The Radio 2 Breakfast Show

    Remove Chris Evans from The Radio 2 Breakfast Show

    WE the undersigned, as licence payers and loyal Radio 2 listeners, wish to return the breakfast show to it's original style of easing us into the day with gentle banter and music. This will involve the removal or redeployment of Chris Evans as we feel that he is totally unsuitable for this programme...

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  • Put Pencey Prep Back On Spotify!!!

    Put Pencey Prep Back On Spotify!!!

    Heartbreak In Stereo, an album by the band Pencey Prep, got removed off of Spotify. We would like to bring it back as it is no longer accessible on Spotify's site, app, etc. This way, the album will be easily accessible without the need of YouTube or a CD. 

    1,737 signatures
  • Pleading for everyone to wear their seatbelts

    Pleading for everyone to wear their seatbelts

    In memory of chandler    please sign this saying you will always wear your seatbelt 

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