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  • Glinton and Northborough FC

    Glinton and Northborough FC

    Larkfleet Homes, as part of its wider development proposals for land off Lincoln Road and Welmore Road, is offering the opportunity for Glinton and Northborough Football Club to build a new home and consolidate into a single location. I support the proposals as the benefits will include:· A permanent...

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  • Bring our coaches back

    Bring our coaches back

    Our coaches was taken from us over something stupid and we will fight for him please support us.

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  • Reinstate Nima at Gymbox Farringdon

    Reinstate Nima at Gymbox Farringdon

    Recently one of the highest calibre trainers at Gymbox Farringdon was removed from their post due to an altercation with a member. We, as members of Gymbox, many of us regular attendees at Nima's classes would like you to re-consider this decision. Nima is a valuable asset to the class timetable...

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  • Josh Hamilton's Final Chapter

    Josh Hamilton's Final Chapter

    I am creating this petition to give Josh Hamilton a chance to close out his baseball life on his own terms.

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  • Gary Neville Commentator on FIFA 18

    Gary Neville Commentator on FIFA 18

    Have Gary Neville as an inplay commentator on FIFA 18

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  • Intramural soccer @ FMCC

    Intramural soccer @ FMCC

     In 2016, Fulton Montgomery Community College discontinued the girl's soccer program. It broke a lot of hearts. the school needed to make room for more sports, which they did, but ended up stopping a lot of female athletes from pursuing their dream. I was one of them. I want to start an intramural...

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  • Petition for Jake to sing Stars in vocal tech 2018!

    Petition for Jake to sing Stars in vocal tech 2018...

    Um, jake is a great baritone and in his own words "Javert is the only baritone that matters" so he should sing stars bc rise Crowe botched it in the les mis movie!

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  • Force Bob Nutting to sale the Pittsburgh Pirates

    Force Bob Nutting to sale the Pittsburgh Pirates

    The Pirates are owned by the cheapest, and worse management in all of Major League Baseball. The Nutting's only care about lining their own pockets rather than trying to win on the field. It is not right when the fans care more about the team than the owners do. The Pirates are always in the middle...

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  • Statue of Celery

    Statue of Celery

    With all the negativity we have surrounding statues now a days, I feel it's time we finnaly raise a statue we can all come together and love! Celery is proof that if you never give up on your dreams anything is possible!  

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  • Arreglo del camino de Las Castillas a Galápagos

    Arreglo del camino de Las Castillas a Galápagos

    Esta recogida de firmas tiene como fin que Torrejón del Rey se conciencie de en qué estado se encuentra el camino rural que comunica con Galápagos. Por favor ayúdanos a que hagan algo para poder pasar a la gente que no dispone de vehículo o que se desplaza a pie o...

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  • Wenger OUT

    Wenger OUT

    Petition with a goal to spread the word of the Arsenal fans' anger and disappointment to the board and the world.

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  • Remove kronke out of Arsenal football club

    Remove kronke out of Arsenal football club

    As a fan of Arsenal Football Club I have no confidence in how you are running our football club. That is my opinion and feel you should sell the club who actually want to see the team succeed on the pitch. The club needs a major overhaul on and off of the field.You have no interest in Arsenal Football...

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  • Bench Michael Bennett

    Bench Michael Bennett

    Help Seattle Seahawks hear that sitting during the National Anthem will not be tolerated.  If Michael Bennett or any other player wishes to sit during the national anthem they need to stay in the locker room. 

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  • 7 on 7 powderpuff

    7 on 7 powderpuff

    A 7 on 7 powderpuff tournament, any girls from any high schools  *more details will be explained once we get enough people signed up*

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  • No more drop 15 rule

    No more drop 15 rule

    We as a group are not happy with the drop 15 rule. We feel that this rule should not be in affect as it takes the game away for the home team and it does not help the league as the directors state. If this rule should stay, it should at least abide with current USA Softball rules which states that home...

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  • Bexhill needs a new skatepark

    Bexhill needs a new skatepark

    Bexhill needs a new skatepark, the one we have is old and falling apart, also in about 2 years time it will be torn down to make way for development anyway, so we need something for all disciplines and ages to learn on. So please sign this petition to get a new concrete skatepark  

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  • Petition for new athletic director at John A Holmes high school

    Petition for new athletic director at John A Holmes...

    John A Holmes needs a new Athletic Director. The Athletic director currently at John A Holmes, Coach Wes Mattera, is very biased towards football. He is even apart of the football coaching staff, and was head coach before he became athletic director. Someone who is in charge of sports funding, should...

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  • 2018 Greek Peak HH12HR

    2018 Greek Peak HH12HR

    AROO SPARTANS!What better time than summer to think of the cold?Some of you braved sub-zero temps this March and took part in HH-102 at Greek Peak, the first winter Hurricane Heat in North America. Well, Spartan is coming back to Greek Peak on March 10, 2018. What say you, Spartans? Is it not time to...

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  • Let Dustin Back in the ACL

    Let Dustin Back in the ACL

    This petition is to convince the Brass that Dustin is wanted ad a fighter in the Armored Combat League.   His attitude has changed and he's an all around good guy. Everyone makes mistakes.

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  • Petition for Walter Smith to come back and stop Terry Munro

    Petition for Walter Smith to come back and stop Terry...

    Bring back walter and stop this cartel madness 

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