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Change the LAPD

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Opened on August 13, 2017

For the past few days, there has been mass robberies and many killings. It seems like the people are above the law. As a person who's been robbed 4 times in one day (how tf is that possible) we must change and improve the LAPD. With the following conditions, I am sure it will improve the LAPD.

1. All LAPD, under no circumstance, must answer to every call. Off-duty or not.

2. There must be at least two (or more) police officers traveling with each other.

3. When an officer is robbed, civilian(s) are obligated to attack the robber and get the stuff back (if stuff isn't returned, it may result in a punishment)

4. Make the officer hiring thing stricter in order to get better police.

Not only that, I propose to form a civilian militia in case officers are refusing to respond to a call or there aren't any on.

*The text stuff is subject to change*

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