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Stop the statue in Inverclyde

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Opened on September 07, 2017

Inverclyde Council have agreed a Statue to be put on a roundabout of 36ft tall shipbuilders

it is over budget from 250k to 500k and will not be completed on time.

There was no consultation between council and residents and how they can possibly justify that obscene amount of money to a statue which is not needed or wanted by the people of Inverclyde.We already have other states and monuments to the shipbuilding industry that once was and is no longer here.

The statue was recently discussed to be moved from the roundabout location to a park which will not be seen by members of the public unless they go to the park.

I would like to stop this statue being made and erected to cut their losses and hope that Inverclyde people share this decision and would like the council to spend the money within the area.

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