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Stop TfL 244 Bus being changed to a noisy double decker

Stop TfL 244 Bus being changed to a noisy double decker


Opened on July 30, 2017
Please join me in taking this opportunity to stop the TfL's proposed change to the 244 bus from a single deck to a much heavier double deck bus due to the significant impact the noise and physical shaking of the homes located close to the route that would be caused by the proposed buses every 10 minutes leading to tangible degradation of residents quality of life.
Watch the video to get an idea of the noise these buses would result in -
Impact to residents:
As a resident on this bus route, I can't think of anything worse than this proposed change given we've only just been given nice new quieter buses that shake the houses a lot less to the point you can barely notice a bus is going by....I'm sure you will agree that quiet is exactly how a residential road should be!
Key concerns being:
  1. Increased noise and shaking of homes on the bus route due to it being a heavier bus resulting in damage to homes and sleepless nights - ultimately taking away the currently peaceful way of living.
  2. Reduced privacy due to height of buses – negatively impacting quality of life
  3. Feasibility of double deck bus travel down Winchat Road - Concerns regards to how such a bus would travel safely down Winchat road as its a narrow road (with cars parked either side) right by a primary school where kids run into the road (as kids do) - even as a car driver, this road is tricky to navigate. 
Historical issues with old single deck buses: 
Prior to the new single deck buses being put in place, myself and other neighbours would often swap stories on the impact of the significant noise and physical shaking of our homes caused by the buses at the time e.g. when laying in bed in the back room of my home (furthest from the road) the bed frame would sharply jolt backwards and forwards due to the force exerted from the bus going down the road resulting in sleepless nights.
Equally there were concerns of structural damage caused to the houses due to this regular shaking which you could feel each time one of the old buses used to go by. Without doubt, a larger, heavier bus would have even greater impact and ability to shake and damage the houses.
Before any decisions are made, this petition requests the following action is taken by TfL:

1. Analysis Scrutiny & Co-design with residents: The analysis (including all options considered) TfL performed to conclude this change to a double decker is the only option available is openly explained with the opportunity for residents impacted to attend and scrutinise their statistical assessment and provide the opportunity for alternatives to be co-designed to enable best possible outcome for all residents and sustainable for TfL.

2. Independent Test of Noise & Shaking: Prior to the consultation closing in September, and most crucially, to perform an independent and professional testing of the noise levels and shaking levels experienced by residents prior to any change to the bus formally so that the consequence of the double deck bus can be effectively compared and determined e.g. test the current single deck buses, old double decker and new double decker buses.

3. Confirm ongoing commitment to best option for residents: Confirm their absolute commitment to using only the least impacting bus for the 244 route (meaning sufficient new bus stock/budget ring fenced). 

This petition appreciates the need and importance of effective transport in the area and seeks the opportunity to scrutinise TfL's analysis and be part of a co-design activity so that the options put forward really are the best for ALL residents by limiting impact in term of noise/shaking as well as the cause of the bottlenecks leading to crowding.

Unfortunately, from what I've read on the TfL website this change is driven by the shortening of the B11 bus route, the underlying reason as to why for this change is sketchy at best. Therefore, the assessment is unconvincing and is indicative that TfL have not truly considered the very real ramifications to residents. 

Therefore, please sign this petition to show that you strongly appose the planned change to the 244 bus and support the actions required from TfL stated above so quality of life experienced by residents is protected. 
Next steps:
The consultation for this change closes 17th September 2017, and I will be informing the local council (Councillor Averil Lekau & Concillor Denise Scott-Mcdonald) and MP (Teresa Pearce) of the outcome of this petition to protect the quality of life experienced by residents by ensuring the fairest possible outcome.
Background info for reference:

Transport for London (TfL) have looked at how buses might serve the new Elizabeth line stations in Woolwich and Abbey Wood. The routes they have reviewed in the borough are buses 129, 161, 178, 180, 244, 291, 301, 469, 472 and B11.

Visit the TfL website to have your say on the plans

Many thanks in advance for your support and taking time to sign the petition :)

Warm Regards,

Charlotte - Ware Point Drive resident

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