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Stop Persecuting Indonesian Non-Muslims

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Opened on May 16, 2017

We the undersigned petitioners express our deep concern for the bias support that the Vice President gave to an Islamist candidate for the Jakarta governorship for which he was widely criticized. 

Under his watch, Indonesian Muslims are told to choose a Muslim over a non-Muslim governor candidate, using the Qur'an, chapter and verse. The result being that not only did the incumbent Chinese Christian governor lost his re-election, but he was also dragged to court, facing spurious allegations of having insulted the Quran verse quoted by the Muslims. 

His loss and especially his two years jail for blasphemy shocked the nation & showed a deeply disturbing trend in Indonesia towards religious discrimination.  

By signing this petition we  express our disappointment with the Indonesian government for not being able to hold back the tide of radicalism, the anti-Chinese, anti non-Muslim innuendos, the threats faced by citizens who fought against this creeping sharia-sation of Indonesia & the increasing use of religion to be used for political purposes. 

We express our shock that the Vice President, Jusuf Kalla, is given a platform at an 'Recocognised Independent Centre' affiliated with Oxford University to present himself as a moderate. This beggars belief. 

We demand the Government of Indonesia commits to the welfare of the whole nation, including ALL minorities. 

That EQUALITY & EQUAL OPPORTUNITY is guaranteed for ALL, socially, economically AND politically as prescribed within Indonesia's  secular constitution.

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