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Social Justice for Palestinians Now

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Opened on January 09, 2018

According to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, Israel enforces severe and discriminatory restrictions on Palestinian’s human rights, livelihood and right of survival.

Evidence on the ground disclose that Israeli forces have detained thousands of Palestinians who oppose Israel’s continuing illegal military occupation of their historic homelands in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Under this illegal military occupation, the Israeli government currently holds hundreds of Palestinians, including children, in administrative detention and have committed with impunity the torture and other ill-treatment of these detainees, aided and abetted by pro-Israeli governments such as the USA, UK and Australia, amongst others.

There is mounting evidence before the International Criminal Court of Israeli forces having unlawfully killed Palestinian civilians, including children, in both Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the use of excessive force by Israeli security forces against Palestinian demonstrators and suspected attackers, have further raised the spectre of extra-judicial killings.

The myriad of documented cases of Israel’s punitive closure of significant areas of the West Bank, together with it's continuing program of illegal settlements in the West Bank, including attempts to retroactively "legalize" settlements built on private Palestinian land bear testimony to Israel’s designed intent of imposing severe restrictions on Palestinians’ freedom of movement and economic development.

Also, through its renewed practise of punitive demolition of Palestinian homes in the West bank and of Bedouin villagers in Israel’s Negev/Naqab region, Israel has and continues to forcibly evicted residents from their legitimate homes and historic homelands, in a clear strategy at systemic "demographic engineering", apartheid and "ethnic" cleansing.

Additionally, Israel’s continuing blockade and closure of the Gaza Strip, supported by Egypt, amounts to collective punishment of its population of 1.9 million and a significant impediment to the reconstruction of Gaza and the progressive "de-development" of Palestinian territories. 

This petition is an appeal by an Australian Christian (and retired lawyer) to all fair-minded peoples and decision-makers everywhere to speak out against the continuing brutal and unjust treatment of Palestinians in their historic homelands and to bring an immediate end to the illegal military occupation of Palestinian territories. 

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