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Plan Bee - Locksely Green Triangle

Plan Bee - Locksely Green Triangle


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Opened on July 03, 2017



We have a Plan Bee!!! “Mission Statement”:

We , the local community surrounding the Green Triangle (i.e. Parnham St, Carr St, Lowell St, Anglia House and Caledonia House, Salmon Lane etc) object to the plan to redevelop and build on this small green triangle of land.

The land is part of a green corridor from Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park and Limehouse Basin and was a designated green initiative of Tower Hamlets Council as part of their biodiversity plan for the Borough for the year 2000.  This was wholly supported by Mayors Joe Ramanoop and Denise Jones and was funded by the Council, Met Police and in kind by local businesses etc and supported by the local housing office, the council Regeneration Team, Tower Hamlets Environment Trust and Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park via Terry Lyle.

However all the many maintenance plans that were given were either ignored or not adhered to by more than one horticultural contractor and even regular litter picking was ignored as if to imply it was an unwanted unused green space, which was not the case as it was and is important for lots of environmental reasons.

Draw your own conclusions ....we are not naive!

We agree more social housing is needed and need not go into the reasons why, we are non-partisan, we agree, but not at a cost to the existing community’s quality of life, health and well being and certainly not at a cost to the environment and bio diversity. 

This little green triangle nurtures and enhances!

Air pollution and the threat to bees etc are high on the Mayor of London’s agenda and political parties are also concerned about them too!  In fact, in April 2017 the current London Major Sadiq Khan announced a 2019 date for the introduction of London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone Tower Hamlets plans to take away one of the few green spaces for the Locksley Green Triangle community, who are located metres form one of East London’s busiest arteries, the A13.

When it’s gone, it’s gone, but we have a Plan Bee!

Support us!  Support the environment!  Support Plan Bee!

Or contact us at: [email protected]

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