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Opened on September 21, 2017

Does Wantage need a second leisure centre?

The council are planning to spend £18million building a second leisure centre next to the Mably Way Health Centre. There will be floodlit pitches just behind Wolage Drive with parking for 250 cars.

If you think the money should be better spent on improving the things like:

  • The Sure-Start child care Butler centre 
  • Re-opening a police station in town
  • Better social care in our community
  • Fixing the road infrastructure
  • Improving the local schools and pay for our teachers 

Then say NO by signing our petition and pass it on to your neighbours.

The proposed site next to the existing health centre is a green area that acts as a buffer zone between Wantage and Grove which offers the following benefits for the community:

  • An outdoor natural area used by residents with young children for pleasant walks
  • A popular area for dog walkers to exercise their pets 
  • A home for local wildlife such as deer and butterflies
  • A local conservation project for the disused canal bordering the site

The quality of life for the local residents will be adversely affected by the:

  • noise generated by the outdoor sports activities late into the evenings
  • light pollution from the floodlit pitches
  • the extended opening hours for the facility
  • extra traffic and upgrading of access round-abouts
  • limiting provision of health facilities as required by the existing health centre
  • Replacing a natural green environment with an two storied development with car parks

By duplicating leisure facilities our council is wasting our precious funds:

  • Wantage already has a leisure centre
  • The Grove airfield site will have multiple pitches with pavillon facilities.
  • The existing pitches adjacent to Denchworth road will be rendered useless.
  • King Alfred School West will build leisure facilities for the school that will be open to the public also.

You can also say NO by filling in the on-line survey in the link below.

See this link:

We only have until 4 October to register our opposition, so sign-up now to have your say. Our collective voice will get heard.

A concerned resident.

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