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Melwood Football Club Plans

Melwood Football Club Plans


Opened on July 24, 2017

Melwood Training Ground has been home to Liverpool Football Club for over 50 years, they have now decided to move on. Upon their vacancy of the grounds, their plans are to build approx 160 new build properties in its place . Whilst we understand the need for progress within the training program and we understand Melwood no longer meets those needs, we also understand the impact of such a huge build on the local environment. It will increase traffic, which has apparently been monitored independently, although no one can produce the exact findings from this. It will increase school intake, which is already at breaking point within the area. Also, making the roads busier in a small area, with a number of schools within walking distance, is dangerous and ignorant if the thoughts are that this will not have an impact on vehicular accidents, mainly involving children. The club have stated that they are taking these actions as they 'need the money', although we all find this hard to believe. There is no housing shortage in West Derby, as claimed by the club. There is absolutely no reason, other than profit, to build houses on that piece of land. Also, why lose such an historic piece of West Derby history for pure greed? How about giving it to the ladies liverpool football team, as currently they travel to Widnes to train, seems the best outcome for everyone?

We're looking for at least 300 signatures on this petition to show Liverpool Football Club how ridiculous these plans are. How thoughtless they are. How they show pure greed within the team, without any thought for all of those fans who specifically moved to the area because of Melwood Training Ground. There just seems to be no loyalty to their faithful fans. Please sign and share to stop this build and make use of the ground for something positive, that doesn't just line the pockets of the club.