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Governor Jerry Brown- Oppose Vaccine Mandates

Governor Jerry Brown- Oppose Vaccine Mandates


Opened on May 21, 2015

Honorable Governor Jerry Brown,

California urges you to veto SB277, SB792, and AB1117.  These bills capitalize on fears of a nonexistent public health crisis, discriminate against select groups, and offer no sound incentives to expand public health education.  They offer a myriad of major financial repercussions and implementation issues that have yet to be addressed.  These problematic bills are eroding public confidence and do nothing to develop safer health practices.   

These bills impact us in many ways.  They infringe on personal and parental rights, medical choice, and religious freedoms.  Public and private education will be impacted with exclusion of conscientiously exempt children, curtailing of FAPE/IDEA (students with exceptional needs), and limitations on qualified child care.  They violate the global standard of protection of individual rights which guarantees free and informed consent for all medical interventions, a standard followed by more than 193 countries as members of UNESCO.  In short, they create far more problems than they solve.  

These bills are a moral and ethical infringement, using mandates and cash incentives in place of safer medical practices.  Public outcry has signaled the need for implementation of a more sound system of health based on precision medicine and acknowledgment of the unique individual response to every medical procedure.  Forcing an intrinsically risky procedure on people who have legitimate concerns is unconscionable.  

These bills encourage forced vaccines, medical exemption challenges, vaccine injury, lack of liability for pharmaceutical companies with respect to vaccine injury, and untold damage.  Public policy should put safety first and provide incentives to encourage beneficial health goals for everyone.

These bills impact your community.  We are mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, educators, day care providers, physicians, attorneys, small business owners, clergy, scientists, and people of faith that span all race, income, and political party.

Hundreds of thousands of California children will be denied their right to a public and private education, thousands of teachers will be forced to leave their jobs, or leave the state to continue their teaching career.  How many of our Californians will be injured because they were not informed of the risks inherent in these mandated medical procedures?  Public confidence will be at an all time low.

We respectfully request you veto SB277, SB792, and AB1117. Vaccine medicine is not ready for a mandate. Neither is California.


The California Coalition for Health Choice

A Voice For Choice

Your Family, Your Choice    

California Coalition For Vaccine Choice

Moms In Charge

Our Kids, Our Choice 


Please contact the Governor at:

Phone: (916) 445-2841 Fax: (916) 558-3160

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