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Disabled friendly gym's

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Opened on August 20, 2017

When somebody has a physical, neurological or physiological condition which is terminal that has been treated at a hospital they will then have to go through rehabilitation using the hospitals specialist equipment for a period of time until the hospital feels that the patient has recovered enough to be able to be discharged. Due to the increase and demand for beds and space within hospitals, rehabilitation can only last for so long! Therefore the patient has to be discharged to make way for other patients.The patient is given some paper with ongoing exercises and is given advice on where to get help with their recovery but for how long and at a cost.

 Most specialist rehab if physical or neurological must have some kind of specialist fitness and strengthening strategy to help the body recover to its best potential.  There must also be specialist equipment for the patients to be able to do these exercises!  People don't have the funds or motivation at home for this kind of ongoing treatment especially when it's private and gyms in the country do not have this specialist equipment, However, they will have to join a gym to aid in their recovery. But once there, they realise that the staff have no understanding due to no training in dealing with specialist conditions and not being able to use most of the equipment that is designed for able-bodied people. rehabilitation needs to be regular at least 5 days a week to be effective especially conditions such as a stroke The membership could be lower for these patients and would work as the demand would be great as the gym would have the facilities.  My argument is why build a leisure centre for the access of £15-20million pounds without catering for disabled people. It's ok having a lift and ramp but what about the facilities inside such as the gym equipment for patients that need this specialist equipment to train on!

 Being in the fitness industry for 25 years as a gym instructor and personal trainer while having the opportunity to work with many specialist conditions at a charity called Reach for Health rehab centre who took on the rehab from hospitals ranging from stroke, ms, cancer, paraplegic and other conditions.  They had some specialised equipment that was raised from charity events. This changed a lot of peoples lives that we know because of fantastic testimonials. However, the centre struggled to increase its size to cater for the ever-growing increase in members due to no help from the council and government. 

My goal is to have gyms like this in every community and built into every community leisure centre or built into hospitals so that proper rehabilitation can be implemented correctly with the room and the capacity for these patients who are let down by our governments and local councils.  Why build a leisure centre that does not include disability equipment so that all people can benefit?  Instructors should also be trained in working with all kinds of conditions. This will save the NHS money as people will not have to keep going back to hospitals with the ongoing condition due to having no effective rehabilitation because they can't get it from their community leisure centre or gym.

I would love to start my own chain of rehab-gyms but with lack of funds and support it would be near impossible.  That is why i want to spread this much needed change within the fitness industry and take off where The legacy from 2012 failed to do!  With as many people on my side maybe we can make a change together! 


Simon Collins

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