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Opened on December 28, 2013

WITH ALL DUE RESPECT: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Sony Pictures, Screen Gems, 20th Century Fox, and Misher Films:

This petition is for those avid Carrie fans who hope to see an Extended Director's Cut of Carrie (2013) released on DVD and Blu-ray. It has come to the attention of fans that there were many scenes filmed, but later dropped from the theatrical cut - many of which were also, unfortunately, not included in the deleted/alternate scenes on the Blu-ray release. Back in December 2012, there were a number of people who attended the first test-screenings of the film and confirmed that the original cut was longer and a lot different from what was shown in theaters for Halloween 2013. Based on fan speculation, feedback from test-audiences, information provided by cast members/extras, and certain confirmed details concerning the film released during and shortly after production - the deleted and/or extended scenes include:

1. Hail: Otherwise known as "The Rain of Stones" (this was originally the opening scene) - reference the current Blu-ray edition. It's been speculated that the version available on the Blu-ray edition was heavily edited. Fans would still prefer to see Carrie's birth scene as the opening and the Hail scene as a flashback during The White Commission.

2. The White Commission: The film had integrated several courtroom scenes with witnesses giving testimonies of their experience with Carrie White leading to the prom incident, essentially structuring the film as a series of flashbacks and recollections. It begins with an interview with an adult Estelle Parsons (who witnessed the Hail as a teenager), Sheriff Otis Doyle, Dr. Dean L. McDuffy, Erika Gogan, Ms. Arlene Walsh, and others who had some kind of experience with Carrie White and/or theories about the Black Prom.

3. The Found Footage that had been filmed by Freddy "Beak" Holt - and there is currently speculation that other found footage from gymnasium security cameras also played a role in the film.

4. Sue's Video Diary apparently took place in her bedroom as she documented her daily life and thoughts concerning Tommy, Carrie, Chris, and the prom.

5. Scenes detailing more in-depth character development.

6. "Wipe that smile off your face!" - Chris to Carrie at the pool: reference the full-length trailer from April 2013, B-Roll Footage, and/or the main menu of the current DVD/Blu-ray edition.  

7. The locker room scene (Extended) - Chris turning the cell-phone toward herself and the mean girls: reference the full-length trailer from April 2013.

8. The prayer closet scene (Extended) - apparently there was missing dialogue in the theatrical version. This scene is very important to the mother/daughter theme which runs deep throughout the story. Fans hope to see this part of the film in its entirety.

9. Scenes involving Social Media - Facebook in particular: The e-mail from Chris to Donna Kellogg. The students were using Facebook and Twitter to send each other the locker room video (according to one source). Producer Kevin Misher stated that "elements of Facebook and internet bullying" were put in to the film to modernize it for a new generation.

Click the following link to read producer Kevin Misher's full interview: 

10. Billy's wild ride (similar to the 1976 version) - reference the current Blu-ray edition.

11. Chris and Tina kiss - reference the current Blu-ray edition.

12. Tommy and Sue's backseat love scene (Extended) was originally longer in the first cut of the film but then shortened for the theatrical cut due to timing: reference Kimberly Peirce's audio-commentary on the Blu-ray edition.

13. A scene featuring actress Ally Feliciano: The mean girls teasing and making fun of Carrie - This scene supposedly took place before the bathroom (mirror shattering) scene.

14. A scene/s featuring actress Kim Roberts: Ms. Arlene Walsh having a brief interaction with Carrie in the library - it's speculated that one of The White Commission scenes featured Ms. Walsh recounting her experience with Carrie.

15. Carrie using her powers to levitate the books in her bedroom: Apparently there were a couple variations of this scene shown to test-audiences. Fans would appreciate an extended/alternate version of this scene given that the theatrical one felt a bit lackluster for such a poignant moment in the story.

16. An interaction between Carrie and Chris outside the dress shop. (Source: Trinketeer)

17. Drive to the pig farm (Extended) - reference the current Blu-ray edition.

18. Carrie levitates Margaret (Extended) - reference the current Blu-ray edition.

19. The meaningful conversation between Miss Desjardin and Carrie at prom.

20. Tommy and Carrie kiss - reference the current Blu-ray edition.

21. Billy kisses Chris - reference the current Blu-ray edition.

22. Margaret escaping from the closet and cutting herself with a knife - reference the current Blu-ray edition. It's been speculated that the version available on the Blu-ray edition was heavily edited and removed the shots revealing Margaret's escape.

23. Sue tries to call Tommy from outside the school to warn him but he rejects the call.

24. Chris and Billy rushing from the school (after the blood dump) to find that Sue's parked automobile is blocking them from leaving.

25. The Prom Scene (Extended) was said to be longer and more violent than the theatrical version.

26. Tina on fire (Extended) - reference the current Blu-ray edition.

27. A scene or shot revealing Erika and George's fate - According to test-audiences, George was impaled by one of the star decorations as Erika watched in horror. Erika detailed what happened during one of the scenes in The White Commission.

28. The electrocution sequence (Extended) which was supposed to feature graphic shots of "dead students" dancing and being toyed with by Carrie. Carrie then levitates herself and the bodies of those she's killed (according to one source) and soars pass them and out a window.

29. Carrie outside the school using her telekinetic powers to kill off some of the prom survivors who escaped.

30. Chris and Billy's Death scene (Extended) was said to have been a minute longer. This is the last time Carrie and Chris interact with one another - the last confrontation - and so it would be most appropriate to have the scene without any edits.

31. The Town Destruction: According to test-audiences, Carrie uses her telekinesis to set "some other buildings" on fire aside from the school. It was said that the majority of this scene consisted of areal shots intertwined with some close-ups - reference the teaser trailer from October 2012 at the following link: (Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment)

32. The Church Scene: There is a lot of speculation/theories about this particular scene! On-Set-Photos do imply that there was a scene involving the Congregational Church on Carlin Street. It is believed that Carrie went there to pray before setting the church on fire using her telekinetic abilities (as described in the Stephen King novel). Test-Audiences have made no mention of this scene (unfortunately) and there isn't much to say whether or not such a scene exists - aside from the On-Set-Photos. Fans would like for this to be included in the Extended Director's Cut if such a sequence of events was actually filmed.

33. Sue seeing Tommy's body on a stretcher and Miss Desjardin saying how sorry she is for what has happened.

34. Carrie taking a bath to clean herself (Extended)

35. Margaret's original death scene which was said to be closer to the novel. It was changed to the theatrical version when re-shoots were done in May 2013.

36. The multiple endings: Five alternate endings were filmed for Carrie. The first ending was very similar to the 1976 film but without Sue waking up. The second ending was exactly the same as the 1976 film. The third ending is a "morning after voiceover" by Sue as the audience sees what's become of the town and how they're coping. The fourth ending shows the town filled with news crews, reporters, and police officers talking about what happened and describing the event as "a conspiracy" to apparently "cover up what really happened" in Chamberlain. The fifth ending was not shown to test-audiences - though many Carrie fans presume that this fifth ending was the one released on the Blu-ray edition. Many hope that all five endings will somehow be "mashed together" for a definitive close.

On behalf of the fans, we are petitioning for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Sony Pictures, Screen Gems, 20th Century Fox, and Misher Films to release an Extended Director's Cut of Carrie (2013). We really hope that this petition will bring forth a Special Edition release. Each of us hope to see the film as it was, as we whole-heartedly believe, originally intended - with longer sequences and all deleted/extended scenes restored within the film. Thank you very much for considering our petition!


Once you have signed and shared the petition: Be sure to CALL THE STUDIOS! They are currently reviewing this and "considering the possibility" of releasing an Extended Director's Cut of Carrie (2013). They encourage all Carrie fans to call and express their interest. You can CONTACT THEM by calling: 1-888-223-2369

Their phone lines are open Monday through Friday and close at 5:00 pm (California time)!

To find out more information about the #CarriePetition and how you can help bring further awareness to our effort, please visit one of our official Facebook pages: 

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