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Bring Back Coach Coatta

Bring Back Coach Coatta


Opened on October 07, 2017


Minnetonka High School Head Boys Golf Coach of 15 years, John Coatta was fired from his position very recently without warning and no just cause. He was simply told "We are going in another direction"......This makes no sense whatsoever!

Coach Coatta has been nothing but been an almost PERFECT coach, mentor and community member and beyond his entire adult life. The outpouring of praise is overflowing! His credentials are impeccable........Again, this makes no sense.

Some highlights:

*15 years head coach

*6 State tournament appearances last 12 years

*2 State titles and 3 runners up

*Always highly ranked team

*Initiated Developmental Squad giving many kids a chance to achieve where the would not have

*Mentored and nurtured kids to achieve beyond their limits with class, hard work and grace

.....Again, this makes no sense!

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