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75 Hanley Road

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Opened on August 13, 2017



From: A group of Artists, Squatters, Travellers, Dreamers, and so on.                         


To: The Community



Hello friends! (Dear Neighborhood)



Thank you for stopping by! We are trying to get involved with all of you.

Last Saturday we brought you The Open Day so we could meet each other, but mostly so we could share who we are and what we do.


It is important is for us to give empty spaces back to the community; and by community we mean both you and us. This year only, we curated a couple of Art Exhibitions, Jam Sessions and offered Free Vegetarian Food as a part of our beliefs.


With your help, we aim to encourage change in our society by making use of these empty spaces. By providing a free platform where poor and rich, artists and bankers, thinkers and doers can share their ideas and feelings, we generate new structures to adapt to the needs of this Brand New World we are living in. We take care about the needs of the youth and community around us and make something better of our daily life. We do not fit into the negative image of squatters, as portrayed by the media way too often in the past and we want to change it. We set positive examples which encourage the public to engage more socially and politically.


We organised Yoga, Meditation, Female Empowerment, Bike, Plants, Music and Painting workshops, amongst others, to share our abilities and skills. We would equally love to hear what interests you have, what ideas or projects you would like to start and develop further. We listen to people of all ages, and this could be a platform to reach neighbours who share your passion, where you can also share your skill sets.


NHS privatisation ended the life of this great building for more than two years. Did you see the green house that was left to die? The plants have started springing once more. For us it is also a home, a work place, but we are facing eviction after the Trial Court on 14th of August 2017. Unless you help us make good use of this space, the chances are that the Court will retrieve to NHS the property which will then be left empty once more. Instead, let us make good use of it for you as well as for us, for our projects.


Don’t hesitate to dream big. The more people come together, the more we will find ways to achieve our dreams.


To continue our work and preserve the communal space at 75 Hanley Road we need your support. You signing our petition means that together we can turn this unused space into a platform that benefits the whole neighbourhood. 


With much appreciation,


Your Truly Unknown Persons at 75 Hanley Road

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