How To Write A Petition


Most of us, at one point or another, have been frustrated or angry to point of wanting to take action. Some call for politicians to be kicked out of office; some call for politicians to be voted in. Some want a favorite TV show reinstated; some want to see their favorite music band in their hometown.
Writing a petition is not as difficult as you might think. Many campaigners have reported success stories with GetPetition after using our free, easy and powerful platform.

It's difficult to say exactly what makes a petition successful. Some of it is just luck. Some of it is timing. Still, it's possible to come up with a few general principles or guidelines for writing a successful petition.

Guidelines For Writing A Successful Petition

Here are some of the best tips from the GetPetition team.

  • Write Clearly and Concisely
    Potential signers often don't have a lot of time. It's important to state your main goal concisely, and at the start of the petition. The first paragraph should make it absolutely clear what the petition hopes to achieve.

  • Spell-Check
    It's amazing how many petition hosts don't even bother to spell-check their petitions. If you want people to take your petition seriously, then you need to put in the time to make sure it sounds serious and professional.

  • Use The Power of Internet
    Publish and promote your petition using Email and social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. You will be amazed how much power they have.
    Also, tell your friends to publish the petition to their friends. This is called "viral marketing" and it is the most effective kind of marketing out there.

  • Be Polite
    It's important to make your point, but it's also important to do so politely. Potential signers are turned off by rude or offensive petitions- even if they're sympathetic to the goals you're trying to achieve.

  • State Your Goal
    State precisely what is your goal and what you're going to do with the petition. Indicate where and to whom you are going to send the petition.

  • Promote Offline (Yes, Offline)
    Because you've created an online petition, you may overlook the offline world. But there are several things you can do at home, at the office, and at various other places to get more signatures. For instance, posters on community bulletin boards (e.g. at the library), or even word-of-mouth marketing at the office, can help a lot. The important thing is for people to know your petition exists.