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  • Reinstate the death penalty

    Reinstate the death penalty

    Over the last few years we have seen an massive increase in rapes and murders terrorism and paedophelia.It is totally obvious that since the death penalty was abolished there has been no real deterrent for these atrocious crimes the only way we can get these crimes to stop is to have a deterrent that...

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  • Get chilis to unblock me on ig

    Get chilis to unblock me on ig

    Chili's is a Tex-Mex grill and bar that was founded March 13, 1975. As of August 19th, 2017, the official Instagram page for Chili's has blocked my main account after I had direct messaged the admin to feature my account on their page. I was simply trying to show my support for the restaurant, but I...

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  • Henry should chose me and not the flat pancake booty girl

    Henry should chose me and not the flat pancake booty...

    Henry always listens to country songs but yet wants to chose a flat pancake square booty girl that’s northern over me a big booty southern. Sign this petition to make the world a less discriminated place against big butts. 

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  • katelyn is not ugly!

    katelyn is not ugly!

     if this gets 75 signatures katelyn has will stop calling herself ugly

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  • Make Blake staff

    Make Blake staff

    makw Blake staff 

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  • Making Blake staff

    Making Blake staff

    Please sign this petition as Blake should be staff ok

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  • Stop Facebook Harassment & Blocking Of Conservatives.

    Stop Facebook Harassment & Blocking Of Conservatives...

    Thanks for visiting everyone. I am in the picture above in 2007 marching in Washington D.C..Your rights matter as much as the politically correct's. Everyone matters. Every view matters. All freedoms & The First Amendment matters. Conservative views & disagreements matter. Disagreements can be discussed...

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  • help convince my mum to let me get pet rats !!!

    help convince my mum to let me get pet rats !!!

    Hello, I am very depressed and would like some pet rats to care for and love. I have the funds, the space and the emotional capacity to love them. however, I need my mums permission because I'm not a shit child and don't wanna go behind her back. if ur a true fan of me and my happiness u will sign this...

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  • Impeach


    There have been budget cuts at our school. Sign if you are sick of this injustice and want to get a new principal who will give us AC

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  • Mounted Police!

    Mounted Police!

    Please vote, so we can get mounted police in Central London, United Kingdom V2, Owned by TobiasGardiner.

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  • collin pitchfork

    collin pitchfork

    This petition is for the proposed release of Collin Pitchfork. Please sign to stop this animal ever leaving prison, THANK YOU

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  • Stop Jake Paul From Performing In The 2028 Olympics.
  • Stop Jake Paul From Performing In The 2028 Olympics

    Stop Jake Paul From Performing In The 2028 Olympics


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  • All prisons should have pet training programmes

    All prisons should have pet training programmes

    Inmates need to learn love and compassion, this can be done by learning to bond with animals and express emotions to them as they might not humans. Lots of prisoners have been through troubled pasts and lots of pain it is time for them to heal and give back to their communities. If it was mandatory...

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  • Abolishing government

    Abolishing government

    The time has come for the one people to step in and abolish the government for the treason and crimes against humanity. We the people have the power given to us in the Declaration of Independence that when the government becomes dangerous the we the people have the power to abolish or alter the government...

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  • Remove Walton County Sheriff from office permanently

    Remove Walton County Sheriff from office permanently...

     If all the citizens have to  pay a heavy price if they break the law,surely the sheriff should be accountable for doing the same. He can't serve and protect and commit crimes at the same time. The citizens of Walton County deserves better. The Governor has suspended the sheriff for only thirty...

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  • Change the LAPD

    Change the LAPD

    For the past few days, there has been mass robberies and many killings. It seems like the people are above the law. As a person who's been robbed 4 times in one day (how tf is that possible) we must change and improve the LAPD. With the following conditions, I am sure it will improve the LAPD.1. All...

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  • Jada's law

    Jada's law

    This is to get ALL sex offenders must be registered no matter how far it goes back. My daughters attacker was convicted in the 80s and no one knew about his past conviction because the registration laws were not in place until 96 

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  • Get Rid Of NightBot In PPS Discord

    Get Rid Of NightBot In PPS Discord

    cause nightbot doesnt like links hes a stupid dick in general  

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  • Hop cant stop!

    Hop cant stop!

    Routes 30, 21 and 7 of the HOP Transit System in Killeen, TX, are scheduled to be discontinued effective September 1, 2017.  We started this Petition because  these discontinuances create a DeFacto Social gerrymandering,  isolating citizens in North Killeen from services in South and...

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