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  • No VAT on Sports Nutrition Drinks

    No VAT on Sports Nutrition Drinks

    An open letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne MPDear Mr Osborne,As users of sports nutrition drinks to help us improve and maintain our health and fitness we oppose entirely your decision to impose a 20% VAT charge on many such products with effect from 1st October 2012, and to do...

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  • Keep F1 coverage on the BBC for ALL races from 2012

    Keep F1 coverage on the BBC for ALL races from 2012

    This morning it has been announced that Sky Sports will have the rights to show all F1 races from 2012 onwards, and the BBC will now only show half of them.The Sky coverage will have a different presenting and commentary team, and worst of all you will have to pay Rupert Murdoch hundreds of pounds per...

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  • Fire Gar Forman

    Fire Gar Forman

    It's time for a change, Chicago. It's time to stand up and let our voices be heard. Gar Forman has had one too many last chances, and the last straw has been drawn. He has ran the franchise straight into the ground with his hands behind his back giving no effort or accountability for the downward spiral...

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  • No to Rangers NewCo parachute into SPL

    No to Rangers NewCo parachute into SPL

    This petition will be presented to the SPL.Dear Mr Doncaster,As supporters of Scottish football we are  the driving force of Scottish football.  We do not agree that a 'New Co' Rangers Football Club should be granted entry to the SPL.Rangers have cheated.  They have funded their...

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  • Help John Surtees to a knighthood!

    Help John Surtees to a knighthood!

    No-one has achieved the success of John Surtees on both two wheels and four. Having won four 500cc and three 350cc titles in the 50s and 60s with MV Augsta, as well as dominating the Senior TT from 1958 to 1960, John went on to win the Formula One World Championship in 1964 with Scuderia Ferrari. John...

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  • Get Mark Geiger Out of MLS

    Get Mark Geiger Out of MLS

    After the Panama vs. Mexico game and the disastrous call by the ref, we as fans have to take a stand because Concacaf will not. Worst thing is that Mark Geiger is a ref in our league, the MLS. We have to show that we as football fans can not stand for bad refs in our league. We have to get this ref...

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  • Against the FA's Unfair 'Relegation' of the Doncaster Belles

    Against the FA's Unfair 'Relegation' of the Doncaster...

    This petition has been formed in reaction to the Football Association's decision to 'relegate' the Doncaster Belles from the top-flight of women's football in England for 2014, after just one game of the 2013 season. The Doncaster Rovers Belles are the only team to be ever-present in the top-flight...

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  • Remove David Gill from the FA Board.

    Remove David Gill from the FA Board.

    This is a petition to have David Gill removed from the FA's board as it is a DEFINITE conflict of interest for him to belong to Manchester United's and the FA's board simultaneously.David Alan Gill (born 5 August 1957) is British football executive, currently Chief Executive of ...

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  • IRB must promote production of new video game

    IRB must promote production of new video game

    To the IRBThis is a petition to encourage the IRB to promote and help fund the production of a new rugby vídeo game.Each year there are many different versions video games for all types of sports and yet rugby’s last edition was from 2008 and there is still no new release in the pipeline.Sports video...

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  • Homeless Champions

    Homeless Champions

    Brooklands College in Ashford are kicking out World Champions Finlay Gray and Frazer Windows alongside over 1000 kids from the Surrey Community. We Need your help! If we get kicked out before SEPTEMBER 2016 the club will SHUT DOWN leaving no place for thousands of kids and Champions to go.Don't let...

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  • Save arsenal fc - kroenke out

    Save arsenal fc - kroenke out

    Arsenal Football Club is in crisis. A lot of people may think we are exaggerating but history has taught us a lot and Arsenal are showing all the signs of a Leeds United or Nottingham Forest drama or a mixture of both! We all know the current problems at the club and on the pitch but the main issue...

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  • Get Power Tumbling in the Olympics

    Get Power Tumbling in the Olympics

    Power Tumbling is a beautifully difficult, entertaining, and intricate Gymnastics sport. Yet, it isn't in the Olympics. The amount of skill needed to become a world competing power tumbler, requires just as much discipline as any other Olympic sport if not more. If made an Olympic sport, power tumblers...

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  • Saints Bring Pierre Thomas Back!!!

    Saints Bring Pierre Thomas Back!!!

    Saint bring back 'Pierre Thomas' back in place of injured Khiry Robinson!!!

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  • Third lanark to win back cathkin park!!

    Third lanark to win back cathkin park!!

    The THIRD LANARK ATHLETIC CLUB are back ! We are preparing our proposal to hand in to Glasgow City Council for the long term lease of our old home ground, the atmospheric and magical Cathkin Park. This was our ground from 1903 - 1967 and was formerly the 2nd Hampden Park when Queens Park opened...

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  • Bring Collegiate Gymnastics to Mississippi

    Bring Collegiate Gymnastics to Mississippi

    In the state of Mississippi, not one university offers women's gymnastics.As of now, the USM student population is made up of 64% females and 36% males. However, 53% of all athletic spots on USM's teams are for men.  The university is top heavy when it comes to men's sports.  We want to change...

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  • Save BBC F1

    Save BBC F1

    The BBC Coverage of Formula 1 has been excellent, and in high demand.With no consultation with the UK license fee paying public, this coverage is being dramatically reduced.If you would like the current level of coverage to continue, and would have liked to have been consulted about the change to a...

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  • Testing Times

    Testing Times

    England is lucky to be playing host to a Test series between the two top-ranked Test sides in the world - England & South Africa - which contain some of the finest performers of their generation. A spectacle such as this deserves a minimum of four Tests which is what we're asking for.By reducing the...

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  • Save The Dee

    Save The Dee

    We the undersigned believe that the 25 point deduction imposed on Dundee FC by the Scottish Football League is excessive and should be overturned. This punishment puts the future of a Scottish footballing institution in jeopardy and penalises innocent fans.

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  • Formula 1 Türkiye'de kalsın!

    Formula 1 Türkiye'de kalsın!

    Kampanyaya katılmak için adınızı ve soyadınızı aşağıdaki boşluğa yazarak "sign petition" butonuna tıklayın. Bize destek verin!Dünya çapında dev ekonomiler Formula 1'i elde etmeye çalışırken biz niçin elimizin tersiyle yitiyoruz?Euro 2016 için...

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  • For Billy Wright to appear on the FA 150 Year Crest

    For Billy Wright to appear on the FA 150 Year Crest

    Wolves legend Billy Wright left off FA 150-year anniversary crestHe was the first footballer in the world to win 100 caps for England – but Wolves legend Billy Wright has been snubbed in the FA’s commemorative crest to mark its 150-year anniversary.

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