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  • Stop or limit greenhouses

    Stop or limit greenhouses

    Greenhouse gases are increasingly affecting glaciers! The animals that inhabit icy places such as Antarctica would be devastated and have no where to go if glaciers melt! This would affect animals and humans! Stop or limit greenhouses! Sign here to help! 

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  • Save Our Metropolitan Open Land: Keeping Lee Green GREEN

    Save Our Metropolitan Open Land: Keeping Lee Green...

    Save Our Metropolitan Open Land - Keeping Lee Green GREENWe are local residents who are deeply concerned by the adverse affects of the new IAG Free Academy schools that have popped up in Lee Green. The first temporary site is within Kings Church in Meadowcourt Road, with a proposal for the permanent...

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  • Ban use of plastic bags in Lebanon, OR

    Ban use of plastic bags in Lebanon, OR

    Help our environment that is going downhill fast. By banning plastic bags, we can create a lot less of a mess. Use reusable bags instead. This is a simple way to contribute to saving your home. 

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  • Build a public bathroom at Penn Treaty park

    Build a public bathroom at Penn Treaty park

    Penn Treaty park needs to have a permanent public bathroom built to help keep the park cleaner and with a public bathroom built it will help create some jobs because someone will have to maintain it.

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  • Plan Bee - Locksely Green Triangle

    Plan Bee - Locksely Green Triangle

    LOCKSLEY GREEN TRIANGLERE: PROPOSED SITE D PLANNING APPLICATION NO: PA/17/01618We have a Plan Bee!!! “Mission Statement”:We , the local community surrounding the Green Triangle (i.e. Parnham St, Carr St, Lowell St, Anglia House and Caledonia House, Salmon Lane etc) object to the plan to...

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  • Help save bijilo forest park!!!

    Help save bijilo forest park!!!

    Bijilo Forest Park (Aka Monkey Park) is the among the famous park for ecotourism in The Gambia, creating huge revenue for the Gambian Government. The park serves as the purpose of Scientific and educational research for students and researcher in The Gambia and abroad.The park provides a sanctuary for...

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  • Please Trim Your Trees

    Please Trim Your Trees

    The city of Oxnard owns the trees lining the east and west sides of the 2000 block of Olga Street between Bevra andOver the past year, these trees have grown to the point of becoming a hazard and a nuisance.  In some spots the trees have grown over the street; some trees are creating problems for...

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  • Noisy skip lorries

    Noisy skip lorries

    Skip lorries make excessive noise particularly from loose chains and empty containers. I would like to make it compulsary for skip companies to fit rubber covers to chains and rubber pads to containers to reduce noise pollution.

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  • Saint John's Church Campus Restoration Project

    Saint John's Church Campus Restoration Project

    Saint John’s Episcopal Church seeks your support by signing this petition to address the need for structural and landscaping improvements at Saint John’s Church campus to stabilize the vulnerabilities of all three buildings in order to preserve and prevent further deterioration or damage...

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  • Save Normandy from 300 new homes

    Save Normandy from 300 new homes

    A planning application has been submitted to Guildford Borough Council to build 300! New homes on Shortlands Farm Guildford road. GREEN BELT LAND.If this planning gets approved it will bring chaos to our local community, imagine potential 600 cars adding to the Guildford road traffic everyday, the pollution...

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  • Stop Vidcon Security

    Stop Vidcon Security

    So instead of being immature and shutting vidcon down because obviously people don't know correctly that it's an event and the security ruined the thing. So let's stop the security instead. So many people say "see your next year." And legit there won't be one if there isn't a vidcon.

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  • George Street Woods Protest

    George Street Woods Protest

    We want High Peak Borough Council to stop Mr Rimmer from damaging the Woods which has a Tree Presevation Order protecting it and for the public to have access to this Green Space. Please support us. 

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  • Control seagulls

    Control seagulls

    I have decided to start up a petition for my home town of Whitehaven in West Cumbria. Whitehaven is a harbour town so there are Seagulls. Recently my food was taken from in front of me whilst sitting outside a cafe on the harbour. Following this, I posted on Facebook about it and received many comments...

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  • cleveleys road and sankey valley

    cleveleys road and sankey valley

    as you may be aware their is a new by pass being built in sankey cleveleys road where i live could be demolished its not definite but it is one of the proposed routes my freinds have been here along time our house is my grandparents i first came here 6 weeks old can you please go to one of the meetings...

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  • Stop sand mining in gunjur village

    Stop sand mining in gunjur village

    Sand Mining affects the health and economic livelihood of local communities in the Gambia. It also disturbs the terrestrial and coastal ecosystem. Commercial sand mining in the Gambia has over the last decades resulted in 1) collapsing of coastal banks 2) habitat destruction of the coastal environment...

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  • Becoming More Aware For Invasive Species

    Becoming More Aware For Invasive Species

    Invasive Species need to be controlled. So to control them people need to have more awareness. This petition is to spread more awareness that we are Invasive species too.

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  • Say No to Boat Moorings in the Rouses Point Bay

    Say No to Boat Moorings in the Rouses Point Bay

    The Rouses Point Yacht Club has applied for a variance to put 11 boat moorings between the Montgomery Street Pier (old state dock) and Sportsmen’s Pier. This proposal will have a negative impact on public access, lake views, parking, pollution, safety, aquatic wildlife, fishing and leisure...

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  • Ecorse Creek Flooding Mitigation Project

    Ecorse Creek Flooding Mitigation Project

    The City of Dearborn Heights has gotten the farthest it ever has in finding a permanent solution to the Ecorse Creek Flooding. By signing this petition you are telling Washington that you want funds and that you support the Army Corps of Engineers Ecorse Creek Flooding mitigation project....

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  • Silent Track for Oxford

    Silent Track for Oxford

     UPDATE - COUNCILLORS VOW TO FIGHT NETWORK RAILWe are delighted to report that the petition was successful!  The West Area Planning Committee (WAPC) voted last night (21 February 2017)  in favour of refusing Network Rail’s applications and of upholding the planning conditions that...

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  • All Against Changes to Current Nantucket Sound Mobile Gear Regulations

    All Against Changes to Current Nantucket Sound Mobile...

    This petition has been created to bring awareness to the state of Massachusetts from the people who would like regulations of Nantucket Sound mobile gear to remain at their current status. The town of Nantucket is currently petitioning the right to fish inside of three nautical miles...

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