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  • David starts a tech channel

    David starts a tech channel

    Have David create a tech channel and make YouTube great again.

    3 Signatures
  • Get 7/11 to play the spotify playlist "7/11 Radio Tunes" on loop

    Get 7/11 to play the spotify playlist "7/11 Radio...

    The american store 7/11 has lost its touch since 2004 after it was mentioned in the critically acclaimed "Jesus Of Suburbia" by Green Day. I wish to bring back its flare! The only way to do this is to:1. Sign this petition2. Donate pls3. Buy scran from 7/11After you sign you will get a personal email...

    1 Signatures
  • Droppin Dimes

    Droppin Dimes

    Do you love when your QB drops dimes? Would you like to see more of that? Sign this petition so that in all TD Pass Replays the ball is replaced with a dime. and when the dime drops it turns into many dimes. https://twitter.com/CFBONFOX/status/903438563722661889  

    8 Signatures
  • Get Inês to Make a Stlaus (Stiles and Klaus) Video Edit

    Get Inês to Make a Stlaus (Stiles and Klaus) Video...

    I've been asking her for age but she won't do it.

    6 Signatures
  • Stop mod abuse in 774 discord

    Stop mod abuse in 774 discord

    On the 8/31/2017 i was unfairly kicked and muted from this discord named 744 i am here to stand strong with other users to stop mod abuse from mods who dont do their job correctly a list of [email protected]✌Desire#8038 @Animedian#4978 @D3vision#4623 This has gone on for too long and we are here...

    14 Signatures
  • Relight My Fire

    Relight My Fire

    We, the undersigned, demand that Fuck That play a cover of Relight My Fire at Lucyfest. 

    7 Signatures
  • Keeping Our Phones Out Of The Locker

    Keeping Our Phones Out Of The Locker

    During class at cedar park middle school students have to keep there phones in there lockers until the end of the school day. This is controversial because some students don't have the nessecary supplies such as a Lenovo laptop. Sometimes you forget a school supplies at home, and need to get hold of...

    127 Signatures
  • #Bringbackmyfilter


    i just really want the filter back, please help

    11 Signatures
  • Petition for BKP to Drop Nexon

    Petition for BKP to Drop Nexon

    I'm doing this out of love for the legendary game LawBreakers and it's developers. Boss Key Productions has created quite possibly the best FPS of all time, at least in my opinion. They deserve to have a massive audience, or at least have a publisher who tries to draw in such an audience. It is known...

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  • Jessie Meets Taylor

    Jessie Meets Taylor

    Jessie Jensen is an amazing Social Studies teacher who is about to be a first time mom to a growing baby boy. She has told her students that having her son will fulfill all her life goals except one... Meeting Taylor Swift. She spent 4 days before the release of Taylor's new album FREAKING out. Please...

    44 Signatures
  • Fifth Harmony Sucks

    Fifth Harmony Sucks

    Sign if you think Fifth Harmony sucks and should stop making music. START THE MOVEMENT #FlatHarmony.

    1 Signatures
  • Get Impractical Jokers on Netflix

    Get Impractical Jokers on Netflix

    Please sign this petition Impractical Jokers is amazing and people should be able to watch it whenever they please. Thank you.

    42 Signatures
  • Bring black ops 2 to ps4

    Bring black ops 2 to ps4

    Xbox has the game we all love why can't ps4 have bo2.

    2 Signatures
  • Vines Resurrection

    Vines Resurrection

    Hello and welcome! It seems that the world has been going downhill ever since vine has shit down or 'died'. As an attempt to make the world a little bit better I'm starting a petition to resurrect vine. My goal is 50,000 people, please sign and help us get closer to our goal.

    1 Signatures
  • Fire Jeff Caplan

    Fire Jeff Caplan

    Jeff Caplan, is the worst thing to happen to overwatch. Panders to solely DPS characters and is ruining the MOBA shooter hybrid we love. We are asking for his resignation. 

    0 Signatures
  • IT cast funko pops

    IT cast funko pops

    Hi Guys!!! So I'm starting this petition to get IT cast funko pops! (If you don't know what IT is or funko pops are please look up first) So as some of you may know sadly FUNKO has only made Pennywise pops. So I would like for them to make funko pops of the old and new cast. (I'm sure many of you guys...

    30 Signatures
  • We want a sequel to half-life

    We want a sequel to half-life

    So, the lead writer of Half-Life series, Marc Laidlaw just released Half-Life 2: Episode 3's story, which once again ignites the passion of the Half-Life fanbase. We've been waiting for a new Half-Life game for so long and, despite its unlikeliness, I hope the release of HL2EP3's story can be our chance...

    1 Signatures
  • Abc's BoyBand

    Abc's BoyBand

    As you know, tonight the band was decided. Though the band is pretty good so far, I find it hard to believe some people made it over others and this doesn't sit well with me. Please sign your support saying this show is bluff.

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  • Eyewitness Season 2

    Eyewitness Season 2

    They're really needs to be a season 2 of this show it was truly amazing and deserves it, the actors in it were the incredible. USA network dropped it and Adi Tv Studios are working hard to find it a new home, the more we fight for it the more likely a company is it take it on ❤️

    6 Signatures
  • Get Matt Hoss on H3H3 Podcast

    Get Matt Hoss on H3H3 Podcast

    As it says in the title.  Get Matt Hoss to come on the H3 Podcast!

    4 Signatures
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