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  • Save glossop market hall

    Save glossop market hall

    Save your market hall! The market hall was left to the people of glossop for the sole purpose of trading as a market by Isaac Jackson. The latest plans put forward to us appears to be more of a retail outlet rather than sole traders and incorporating a music venue which would potentially put a...

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  • Ban 24 hour clocks

    Ban 24 hour clocks

    Hi Teresa  I am starting this petetion as I would like for the 24 hour clocks to be band. My reasoning for this is that there really confusing and difficult to understand. We can just use the 12 hour clocks and add am and pm on the end because you can tell if it's morning or night. The numbers...

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  • Free parking in Tamworth

    Free parking in Tamworth

    The residents and visitors of Tamworth feel that the car parking prices in the town centre do not help to encourage people into the town centre and this is creating a cycle within the town centre. People are unwilling to pay for parking as there are not enough shops to attract them into the town. Businesses...

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  • T.G.I. friday's Marlboro NFL Ticket

    T.G.I. friday's Marlboro NFL Ticket

    TGI Fridays Marlboro has been selected to have our NFL Ticket revoked for the upcoming season. However, our establishment has been a focal point of the community for generations of families. The NFL ticket, allows us to continue the traditions that are deep rooted nation wide. Not to mention that our...

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  • Get Blaze of Battles event manager fired!

    Get Blaze of Battles event manager fired!

    So here we have it, this person has no clue what he's doing as you may of noticed with this alliance event shitshow. Let's see how many we can get for tehkek.

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  • Taco bell in clyde ohio

    Taco bell in clyde ohio

    The city of Clyde Ohio has been a location that the corporation of Taco Bell has been interested in for quite some time.  They are asking the people of Clyde to sign a petition in favor of a Taco Bell building in our town. This is not an advertisement or solicitation, they are wanting to hear from...

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  • Stop discrimination of taxi drivers from parking in pontypridd train station

    Stop discrimination of taxi drivers from parking in...

    Arriva Trains that operates across Wales and different parts of UK has disallow Pontypridd Taxi operators from waiting more than 20 minutes at the Pontypridd Train Station while in Cardiff , Newport and other big cities in UK where Arriva Trains have stations they have not limited the time of  ...

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  • Lucy and lydia merch

    Lucy and lydia merch

    we need merch. YouTubers smaller than Lucy and Lydia have bought out merch + have been successful, we know everyone will love it!!  

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  • Remove Smart Sense Camera

    Remove Smart Sense Camera

    This petition has been started and is being signed by the employees/Drivers of Decker Truck Lines INC.  If you disagree with the installations of Smart Sense cameras, you are not the only one. Please stand up with your fellow drivers and make our voices be heard.  I will update the summary...

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  • The Return of the Fun Pass

    The Return of the Fun Pass

    We New Yorkers need  the return of the Fun Pass, on account it helps New Yorkers get around town without breaking the Bank. I'm a Shopper and a Mom but I can't afford the weekly pass because I don't shop everyday, but with the fun Pass , I can spend the Day running my errands and don't feel jilted...

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  • Old Skool Pantry Restaurant

    Old Skool Pantry Restaurant

    The long awaited restaurant at Old Skool Pantry has been denied a licence at the final hurdle. Please sign our petition to appeal the council's decision and give the people of Luton what they really want - great food!

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  • Lush @ valley view mall

    Lush @ valley view mall

    Hi, I'm starting a petition for valley view mall to fill one of their empty spaces with a "lush cosmetics" store. 

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  • Ralph's Ices

    Ralph's Ices

    One of the best water ice places is closing Ralph's Ices    Thx to the local haters    pls sign

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  • Opposition to Yellow Lines on Trevor Foster Way, Bradford

    Opposition to Yellow Lines on Trevor Foster Way, Bradford

    Dear Tenants and Business Users of Hope Park Business Centre,Recently we appealed the Council's proposal to placing yellow lines on both sides of Trevor Foster Way and would like you to help us generate a louder voice for allowing some parking rather than none at all.As a business centre, home to over...

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  • Sue McDonald's

    Sue McDonald's

    We, Noah Krauss and Jackie Blankenship, have made the decision to sue the well known fast food chain, McDonalds. Why? You may ask. Because no matter the location, their ice cream machines is always broken. Are they trained to say this if they get too lazy? Most likely so. Rarely does it ever work, and...

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  • Save Scrabo Tower

    Save Scrabo Tower

    It has been announced recently that Scrabo Tower will remain closed to the public for the foreseeable future. After setting up a page on FB to raise awareness for our popular and historical landmark, it has been apparent that people feel strongly that funding and time should be put into our beloved...

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  • Save the bookstores-friends of Clarey Rudd, Bank of Books, Abednego Book Shoppe

    Save the bookstores-friends of Clarey Rudd, Bank of...

    We request that Bill Kendall of Epic Group reinstate the Bank of Books warehouse of 9,000 sq ft. which they have rented for 13 years and paid over $350,000 to you.  We request you allow reconcilation to take place and accept a workable plan.  To demand a year in advance rent payment is extreme...

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  • Protect Airbnb in Elizabethtown, PA

    Protect Airbnb in Elizabethtown, PA

    Borough council is considering regulating Airbnb's and will be presenting the proposal at the July 6th meeting. The borough shouldn't regulate or prohibit Airbnb hosts and guests in Elizabethtown. There are exactly two hosts that I can tell from's map of hosts within borough limits,...

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  • Keep vidcon

    Keep vidcon

    VIDCON Shouldn't be shut down because theese immature kids want to act a mess there. They are blaming security for their actions , but if they wouldn't act up then would security have  to tackle or kick anyone out?NO. It is because theese children/teens want to fight, cause a big crowd where people...

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  • Allow More Renters to Qualify for Mortgages through Rent Payment History

    Allow More Renters to Qualify for Mortgages through...

    The Goal. To grant mortgage applications from tenants with a solid rent payment history,despite having incomplete financial documents.The Problem. Mortgage applicants are still being tormented with strict loan requirements, leading to the continuous decline of the rate of homeownership in the UK. Borrowers...

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