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  • Air Conditioning for St. Clairsville Schools

    Air Conditioning for St. Clairsville Schools

    St. Clairsville schools do not have air conditioning and this needs to change. I know my kids have came home sick with headaches and feeling like they are going to vomit. I have been there when it is so hot and humid and it makes it hard to breathe. We want our kids to have the best education, it should...

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  • End Compulsory Education!

    End Compulsory Education!

    Education shouldn't be forced but unfortunately it is! The police can kidnap children and bring them to school against their will. If a student is absent enough times they can throw them in jail. You can force a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Educating children is no different.Plus...

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  • The Removal of the AP Class Dropout Process

    The Removal of the AP Class Dropout Process

         The process of dropping out of an AP class in Citrus Hill High Schoold has been made into an unecessary ordeal for students of every grade. Whether or not a student succeed in a class is up to their lever of intelligence and understanding in that subject, it should not be up to a...

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  • SPECIAL BOARD MEETING:  Perrysburg Schools Transportation Discussion

    SPECIAL BOARD MEETING: Perrysburg Schools Transportation...

    Petition the Perrysburg School Board to hold a special meeting to discuss the recent transportation issues in the district and more importantly what will be done to improve proactive communication, student family concerns and transportation enhancements.  Asking for this meeting to be held on August...

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  • make the name of tamales become hot meat roles

    make the name of tamales become hot meat roles

    make the name of tamales become hot meat roles

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  • Let Tanzim & Ibrahim stay at Morpeth Sixth Form

    Let Tanzim & Ibrahim stay at Morpeth Sixth Form

    Listen up people!Our fellow classmates and friends Tanzim Ali and Ibrahim Ali (no they're not related) are not allowed to continue into year 13 at Morpeth Sixth Form because they didn't get the grades they needed.Frankly, I think that the teachers at Morpeth should not have kicked them out based on...

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  • Linc After-School Every Fridays

    Linc After-School Every Fridays

    Parents that have children going to schools in the State of Missouri were recently informed that Linc After-School program will only be 4 days of week Monday - Thursday not considering the hardship and stress this would put working parents in. Many of us parents are working a 9 to 5 job. We are families...

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  • Stop common core

    Stop common core

    In today's Education we have common core math.This is a complete waste of time and in order for parents to even help their child in common core math,They need to have classes on how to even use common core. This is an unnecessary way of educating our children in math. Sounds confusing doesn't it? Well...

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  • Unfair decision

    Unfair decision

    I am being told within under 3 weeks to starting back to my final year nursing that I have to go back 6 months because Cardiff University failed to tell me that by having an extension it would effect my progression..Students struggle to survive a degree as it is hard work and you have to budget. I am...

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  • Add financial management course to high school curriculum

    Add financial management course to high school curriculum

    There is a dire need for financial management education in this country, especially for those planning to attend college. Really, the problem started when we were younger, where we were not taught the skills of money management not only in school but most likely not at home either. Did you know how...

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  • MA instead of ION

    MA instead of ION

    The MA is a leading desk within the Live Events industry and can be found at most FOH positions at major arena and festival shows. Being a Live Events course, we (the students) feel that this desk would be much more beneficial to learn than a desk aimed mainly at theatre (ion). An MA Command Wing, computer...

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  • #notmylunch


    Dear Evergreen, Recently Evergreen High School came out with the new bell schedule for the 2017-18 school year. With this new schedule, two lunches will now be enforced. In past years one lunch shared through out the grades have been known at EHS because of the small population. Knowing that...

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  • Save HMS tech

    Save HMS tech

    This is a petition for those who support Mr. Boglino retaining his position as HMS Technology teacher for the 2017-2018 school year. Mr. Boglino has been the technology teacher at HMS for the last 4 years and he has worked in technology for 11 years. He also coaches the Scholar Bowl team and creates...

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  • Remove Fidget Spinners

    Remove Fidget Spinners

    Walmart has placed Fidget Spinners in the Back to School supplies.  They should be in the toy section.  This is NOT a school supply. 

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  • Tuition Fees

    Tuition Fees

    Our goal is to reduce the cost of tuition fees for university or even get rid of it altogether, this is because people will grow up to only live the rest of their lives in debt, trying to pay back to the university. We aim on getting 100 signatures, once we achieve this we will send it off to the oldham...

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  • Retain Joanna Brooks as AVP for Faculty Advancement

    Retain Joanna Brooks as AVP for Faculty Advancement

    Did you know that Joanna Brooks will not be retained as the Associate Vice President for Faculty Advancement this coming academic year?In two years as the Associate Vice President for Faculty Advancement, Joanna Brooks has served as the ambassador for faculty support and development.  She worked...

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  • Yes to the flint ring

    Yes to the flint ring

    People Off Flint..have your voice heard for this fabulous sculpture to be built! Lets bring in tourists. Let's make Flint known all over the world! We are amazing people living in a beautiful area let's share it with the world and teach our future generations our history!!

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  • Z brush class for environmenal artists

    Z brush class for environmenal artists

    This is a petition to get a head count of students that are interested in a environmental Zbrush class in the near future. 

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  • Re instate Mr Armstrong

    Re instate Mr Armstrong

    At 1pm on Thursday 20th July our beloved Mr Armstrongs contract was terminated without warning. No real explanation and they didn't even let him attend the last day of school or say goodbye to the children. Over the past few months the school has been in turmoil and has affected the children and...

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  • Remove  ready to learn from sir bernard lovell academy

    Remove ready to learn from sir bernard lovell academy

    Ready to learn at sir bernard lovell academy is un necessary and un fair , and it should be either removed or make it more fair/ not so harsh   

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