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  • Bring back total drama wr

    Bring back total drama wr

    The Host doesnt feel like doing this anymore and if we get 20 signatures he may bring it back

    20 Signatures
  • Abolish mint chocolate and candy corn

    Abolish mint chocolate and candy corn

    Greetings. I hope this petition sees you well, if not, go sit on a cactus. But anyway, I'm creating this petition to put an end to the tyranny and pain that mint chocolate and candy corn have plagued this world with for far too long. Join me and together we can do what our forefathers failed to do......

    0 Signatures
  • Lexi Gets A Rule

    Lexi Gets A Rule

    Let's Lexi get one use of her choice

    1 Signatures
  • Make jaspdanvid more popular

    Make jaspdanvid more popular

    Make the ship in camp camp "jaspdanvid" (jasper, daniel, david) more popular!

    0 Signatures
  • 4 Blind Mice

    4 Blind Mice

    Hey guys I @tomholland.spidey_ actually made this petition to get Harry to join the 3 Blind Mice and make it the 4 Blind Mice a thing😂. Yes this may be stupid but oh well.....Anyways sign this petition and please share it on your accounts to help get the word out! Let's meet our goal for signs on...

    21 Signatures
  • Domestic abuse

    Domestic abuse

     I myself went through ten years of domestic abuse i would like to see changes in the law where it concerns domestic abuse 

    0 Signatures
  • Nosering for Anna

    Nosering for Anna

    hello, anna deserves a nosering. she is beautiful and deserves all the happiness in the world. let her have a nosering. that is all. 

    0 Signatures
  • Against bullying everywhere

    Against bullying everywhere

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • Moving the crossing in rishton further up near the war memorial

    Moving the crossing in rishton further up near the...

    The reason behind this petition.i am making this petition because we need the crossing moving in Rishton lancashire for a few reasons...1) There is alot of elderly people who live near the war memorial.2) alot of elderly people have been knocked down trying to cross the road.3) The crossing to far down...

    11 Signatures
  • No to permit parking at St Clements Lakes, Greenhithe

    No to permit parking at St Clements Lakes, Greenhithe

    Following the recent communication from Belinda at DJC who are attempting to enforce residential permit parking within the St Clements Lakes development in Greenhithe, Kent - the residents oppose this action.The residents of St Clements Lakes are unhappy that contractors to the site are using residents...

    71 Signatures
  • Lego transformers

    Lego transformers

    do we want a lego transformers series so please tell us yes lego and hasbro would work together for this and it would be a protect called protect prime force one and hasbro would have to discontinue the kreo sets and start on lego games movies and sets and shows it would be a continuity in the transformers...

    0 Signatures
  • Put victorious on netflix

    Put victorious on netflix

    Victorious is and always will be the best show of our generation. Support your local kids and put Victorious on Netflix. Thank you and Goodnight.

    13 Signatures
  • Unlock Cookie

    Unlock Cookie

    Please unlock cookie.

    14 Signatures
  • Jayde as Sophomore Representitive

    Jayde as Sophomore Representitive

    G'day guys so in order to become the representative for the Sophomore class for the Student Government, I need at least 75 signatures to prove I'm in good standing with the college community. I would really like to rep my class of 2020, so chuck me a signature and I'll do my best! Cheers

    15 Signatures
  • Lidl removes crosses from Greek churches on products

    Lidl removes crosses from Greek churches on products...

    Lidl has photoshopped and removed crosses from Greek churches on there packaging of there Greek week items. This has caused a outrage in the Greek community and Christian community. Our beliefs make us who we are and as 98% of the Greek population are Christian (orthodox) , Christianity is a big part...

    366 Signatures
  • Valefisk Sings USSR national anthem for next video
  • Winn Dixie

    Winn Dixie

    Bring back Clear Value products   Winn Dixie recently replaced Clear Value Products with SE Grocers Brand in Spring Hill Florida, which is a much poor quality product!  I would like Winn Dixie to change and bring back Clear Value products to their shelves.

    5 Signatures
  • Save Oakton Project

    Save Oakton Project

    We, the undersigned, encourage council members of the City of Marietta to purchase for preservation one of Marietta's oldest and most treasured estates. By following this model, the citizens and visitors of our town will benefit from the educational, historical, architectural, horticultural...

    290 Signatures
  • Bring back the OG Lynda

    Bring back the OG Lynda

    Lynda was all cool n shit but ever since that slithery snek came along whos name is unknown some call her by Lisa some call her by Elizabeth no one knows, the original Lynda we all know is ded like a mo fo

    15 Signatures
  • Petition against High Rise Apartments at Jane and Teston

    Petition against High Rise Apartments at Jane and...

    DEAR HOMEOWNER NEAR JANE/TESTONHELP US PRESERVE OUR NEIGHBOHOOD. TAKE ACTION NOWOn August 25th, 2017 we were mailed a letter from the City of Vaughan that proposes a number of amendments to our neighborhood. This includes construction of 11, 8, 7 and 6 storey apartment complex at South East corner of...

    137 Signatures
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