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  • Remove the statue immediately!

    Remove the statue immediately!

    STATUE OF MICHAEL JACKSON TO BE INSTALLED IN A WINDOW OF LONDON (pubblicata da tribute < 3 < 3 MICHAEL JACKSON < 3 < 3 < = 3) il giorno giovedì 7 aprile 2011 alle ore 2. 55La sculpture is life-size and her they titled "Madonna and Child" as represents the incident starring the "...

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  • Save FGS (aka Friendly Gaming Simplifier)

    Save FGS (aka Friendly Gaming Simplifier)

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This petition was started to help those who needed it the most (including me) and those who worked very hard and had to do even more hard work finding feeds through their network and send gifts,...

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  • Please Don't End GEET

    Please Don't End GEET

    We dont want the show geet to end! We love the intense lovestory of maan-geet.We love the humour of geet and jugnu mama.We love the never changing principles of MAAN SINGH KHURANA.We Love the so muhch positivity in the show.And the shows has zillions of fans all over across the world ,the show is so...

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  • Stop the Dog Meat Trade in Vietnam

    Stop the Dog Meat Trade in Vietnam

    Dear Embassy/Consulate:We are appalled and outraged at the current practice of slaughtering dogs in your country and the human consumption of these loving, innocent creatures.  I am particularly outraged at “how” many of these dogs end up in Vietnam – through mafia gangs that...

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  • Stop the removal of baby James headstone

    Stop the removal of baby James headstone

    My friends lisa and Chris sadly lost their baby boy James in July and Lisa's Uncle Kevin kindly volunteered to make James headstone. Lisa and Chris was informed this was ok as long as she stuck to the guidelines in which she has. The headstone went up and gave Lisa, Chris and James brothers and sister...

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  • Diablo 3 Complaint

    Diablo 3 Complaint

    Dear gamers,if you are here, you are probably one of the thousands of people that have posted in the topic "Login and 'Error 37'" on the EU Diablo 3 battle.net forum. At the moment of this writing, this topic has 1.052 pages, indicating that the interest exhibited is quite huge.First, some background...

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  • Destroying stray dogs in Iran - کشتار سگ‌ها در ایران

    Destroying stray dogs in Iran - کشتار سگ‌...

    (This petition will be submitted to the Iranian government)Despite the teachings of Islam and the kindness that the Prophet of Islam showed towards animals (including dogs) the Iranian government have imposed various bans and penalties on dog ownership and handling, and, more drastically, a large campaign...

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  • Justice for Bear Family

    Justice for Bear Family

     1/16/13 Update: This is sickening. These hunters/animal killers  killed the mamma bear and stabbed her two 3 months old cubs in  tummy area. .Their internal organs are exposed and they are still alive searching for impossible protection from their mom’s dead body. Sickening and...

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  • Bring Noel Fisher back to 'Shameless'

    Bring Noel Fisher back to 'Shameless'

    If you're not happy with what the writers did to Noel's character, sign and tweet this petition so we can bring Mikhailo Aleksandr "Mickey" Milkovich back!

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  • Facebook Delete the event 'Everybody draw Mohammad Day'

    Facebook Delete the event 'Everybody draw Mohammad...

    Facebook has unnecessarily created this event without taking into account the Muslim Community reaction against it. Now it has become our duty to sign this petition so that this page is deleted or else we will be asked on the Day of Resurrection that why we had not acted when our beloved Prophet(Pbuh...

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  • Defne Devrimi*

    Defne Devrimi*

    BAŞKA BİR MEDYA HAKKIMIZHer şey değişirken, niçin basın kıpırdamıyor? Niçin hep aynı infazları, ezberleri, dil tiklerini, aşağılamaları, kavram yoksunluğunu ve bir modernist feodalizmi inatla her nesilde önümüze sürüyor? Niçin demokratikle...

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  • Stop The Export Of Irish Greyhounds To China

    Stop The Export Of Irish Greyhounds To China

    Please take a moment and sign our petition. Please send a direct and concise NO to the Irish Greyhound Board regarding the proposed Export Of Irish Greyhounds To China.Please, make your voice heard.

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  • Petition for guardrails on java lake road, java ny

    Petition for guardrails on java lake road, java ny

    We the undersigned electors of the Town of Java and surrounding towns request that for the safety of our community the Town of Java places guardrails on each side of the road on Java Lake Road, Java NY where the recent tragedy of Erin Pinter took place. The request is being made for the following reasons...

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  • To get Robert Englund a Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

    To get Robert Englund a Star on the Hollywood Walk...

    We believe Robert deserve this honor, to have his name on a Star on the Walk Of Fame. For his many years of performing in tv shows, movies, even on a web series call "Fear Clinic". Let's not forget, his great memoir "Hollywood Monster: A Walk Down Elm Street with the Man of Your Dreams" book. ...

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  • Enable paid apps for all countries on the Android Market!

    Enable paid apps for all countries on the Android...

    The Android platform is now almost 2 years old and there is still only a handful of countries that are allowed to sell and buy apps on the Android Market. This is a scandal! How do they expect the Android Market to thrive when a whole lot of developers are being left out of the loop? In order for developers...

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  • Put Celtic Park on Fifa 17

    Put Celtic Park on Fifa 17

    Celtic Park is one of Europe's finest place and deserves its place on Fifa 17 with other Scottish stadiums such as Hampden and Ibrox too.

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  • Stop Dog Meat Trade

    Stop Dog Meat Trade

    Stop butchering man’s best friend.Since the practice exists in secret, most people are surprised and horrified to find out that between 360,000 and 500,000 dogs are stolen or caught in Thailand each year for the specific purpose of being slaughtered. These dogs are sometimes illegally slaughtered...

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  • Sunsation Tour: COME TO MICHIGAN

    Sunsation Tour: COME TO MICHIGAN

    We want Viners to come to Michigan to meet fans! Sign if you want to meet viners such as Matthew Espinosa, Carter Reynolds, Taylor Caniff, Aaron Carpenter, Chris Crawford, Brent Rivera, Jake Foushee, and more to come to Michigan with Sunsation Tour. Share this link to get more signatures! 

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  • We stand for Chuck

    We stand for Chuck

    Please sign this petition to support keeping a memorial cross at the Seneca Water Treatment facility where on November 19, 2014 Chuck Keeler went to work and never returned home to his family.This site is where he fell from a lift he was working on and passed away 11 days later.The Freedom From Religion...

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  • Rockstar, We Want A Midnight Club 5, The Next In The Series

    Rockstar, We Want A Midnight Club 5, The Next In The...

    Hello Rockstar, My names Kevin Beard Jr. this petition is coming from one of your greatest fans, Dusthatass from Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu-y9GE38OjSvVbOJlJaYrQ and along with me, comes alot of your other greatest fans as well! We, as fans, want to greet all the develpers and teams...

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