Human and Animal Rights

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  • Crave thy cock

    Crave thy cock

    Replace "want sum fuk" with "crave thy cock"   Be part of the movement! Don't let this opportunity to make a valuable contribution to social media, the memeworld, and all of humanity.

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  • More shenanigans

    More shenanigans

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  • Please Carphone Warehouse allow dogs into your stores!

    Please Carphone Warehouse allow dogs into your stores...

    To ask Carphone Warehouse to change their total national ban on allowing canines into their stores.  They allow assistance dogs but not family pets.  Do you think this is fair?  I dont!!

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  • Ban all hurricanes!

    Ban all hurricanes!

    The time is NOW. We must do something about all of these disrespectful ass hurricanes, just blowing around all crazy. They are flooding the streets and pissing everyone off all the time. Then the ants make lil' floating mounds of hell and get all bitey. It's only a matter of time before...

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  • Stop jamil 2017

    Stop jamil 2017

    lets all be honest. Jamil's a nutter. Ayt sign this lets see how much we can get 😏😂

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  • England is a city!

    England is a city!

    About two months ago, Nick Crompton opened my eyes to the geological discovery of the century. England is a city! All this time we thought it was a country but we were so wrong! I believe this should be spread and corrected in all history books once and for all. 

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  • Angel to Have No Days Off

    Angel to Have No Days Off

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  • For our kids of Barton County and riding skate boareds

    For our kids of Barton County and riding skate boareds

    Hi my name is Taylor Girkin,We have been having issues with the cops (Oliver cornell) harassing my kids and several other boys from our football team for the past week as soon as they get back from there games and get off the bus to go home....He now proceeds to tell the boys the can't ride skate board...

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  • Petition to Ban Chinese and Indian Leather

    Petition to Ban Chinese and Indian Leather

    The Goal. To end the abusive practices towards animals in China and India by banning the use of their products.The Issue. If you love leather on your clothes, furniture, or your car seat, chances are you’re using a product imported from China or India, two of the largest leather importers in the...

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  • Dog Park for Inverness

    Dog Park for Inverness

    Most cities have a dedicated, fenced dog park -a great facility for people training puppies, rescue dogs and safely giving their dog the chance to socialize. There is currently a fenced area in Bught Park which would be ideal at no cost to HRC.

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  • Free Candace's Titties

    Free Candace's Titties

    She has been keeping them tucked away for far too long, it's time they get let out. 

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  • Help the Abandoned Dogs and Cats in Upshur County, Texas

    Help the Abandoned Dogs and Cats in Upshur County,...

    Sign this petition to help make the government officials in our county aware of the huge problem of dumped/abandoned dogs/cats in our precinct/county. Recently, we have been inundated with stray animals in our neck of the woods and our complaints have been ignored or brushed off because of funding issues...

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  • keep Orestis AWAY from Mykonos

    keep Orestis AWAY from Mykonos

    Orestis is known to have a drastic effect on the weather, especially during summer. He is a renowned kakaouskia, whoms actions have ruined the  vacations of many unsuspected beach growers in Mykonos and other islands (Cyprus also). His confirmed arrival i. mykonos has already resulted in the...

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  • Old yeller 2

    Old yeller 2

    I hate Sky's dad so this is a petition to make Old Yeller 2 with Sky's dad as Old Yeller

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  • Free Cedric Jeffries

    Free Cedric Jeffries

    Free my brother (Cedric Jeffries) in 2009 my mother died in my brother arm he was all ready with paranoid schizophrenic , my mother passed away it didn't help him at all he decided to go to church and try to join the church and when the church people didn't accept him for being gay and having weird...

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  • Give us Callum back

    Give us Callum back

    Timika has stolen our Callum and we want him back, Saturday is for the boys and Callum is our boy and we want him back please sign this to help us get our Callum back. 

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  • Ted For Soo

    Ted For Soo


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  • Preventing further implementation of CourseKey at University of Texas at Dallas

    Preventing further implementation of CourseKey at...

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  • Brighamcitybill


    We the citizens of Brigham City are meeting as a community on Friday at City Hall at 1 pm to discuss the problems reflected on the Utility Bill. For those of us who must go to work and can't be there because we still have to pay our other bills, please sign this petition to help our cause.  Thank...

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  • End the croc hate

    End the croc hate

    People should support my petition because the hatred of crocs needs to stop. Every time somebody makes fun of my crocs, I feel personally attacked. I want you to sign this petition to get a law passed to end the croc hatred. It is not fair to croc lovers in America if everybody is hating on their fashionable...

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