Human and Animal Rights

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  • Breast Cancer prep rally

    Breast Cancer prep rally

    The reason I am strating this petition is simple awareness.I know that someone kids miss behaved but that doesn't mean the whole school should get punished for a act of carelessness.The reason I want this prep rally is for a better understanding of breast cancer for those who might not have one.I believe...

    27 Signatures
  • Stop Fish Abuse

    Stop Fish Abuse

    Fish are one of the most neglected animals. They are abused daily like it is nothing. I hope to improve the quality of life for these little guys. 

    10 Signatures
  • Always Against Animal Testing

    Always Against Animal Testing

    This protest is to help enlighten people about animal testing and help stop people from using animal tested products as well as helping to stop it along the way. with this I will be creating positive branding that will give people insight to the benefits of using cruelty free makeup.     &...

    8 Signatures
  • Keep Sammy in frinton

    Keep Sammy in frinton

    keep Sammy in frinton she is family 

    7 Signatures
  • For Lil Peep To Come To The School Dance

    For Lil Peep To Come To The School Dance

    he has the asb sticker so he needs to see this

    1 Signatures
  • Repeal the Pitbull & Pitbull-like dog ban ordinance in Springfield, MO

    Repeal the Pitbull & Pitbull-like dog ban ordinance...

    Signing this petition is in favor of repealing the Pitbull & Pitbull-like dog ban ordinance in Springfield, MO.  The ordinance was passed by City Council in a 5-4 vote October 2, 2017 and will go in effect January 1, 2018.Please Provide your address in the location space so we can verify that you...

    19 Signatures
  • Stop Cat Dissections at Kittatinny Regional High School

    Stop Cat Dissections at Kittatinny Regional High School

    Hello, I'm a senior at Kittatinny Regional High School in a small town in New Jersey. It broke my heart when I found out that the Biology II class has cat dissections. This pains me so much, knowing that cats like those ones dissected were raised to be dissected, and not to live happy kitty lives. Please...

    44 Signatures
  • Appeal for US Search Engines to Implement Right to be Forgotten

    Appeal for US Search Engines to Implement Right to...

    The Goal. To urge search engines in the United States to approve the right to be forgotten.The Issue. The Right to be Forgotten is a concept that gives netizens the ability to request for the deletion of their past information from search engine results. While the concept exists in Europe, the right...

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  • Save my pet pig

    Save my pet pig

    I have a pet pig and she is being targeted by the city and they want me to get rid of her. Her name is callie she is a Julian pot belly pig! She has never bothered any one or has been loud to no extent more than a dog can be and that's when she wants to come inside, which is rarely. I do have her registered...

    66 Signatures
  • Bring Max back to Geeenwich

    Bring Max back to Geeenwich

    This job is falling to pieces. We need someone of his calibre here. Plus its winter is almost here and I need a coat

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  • Chemtrails


    We the People I say this to all people of the United States of America and the world the Chemtrails that they are spraying is changing our society this is due to their global warming conspiracies that they are creating the New World Order are sprain everybody everywhere not just here in America all...

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  • CERN the Destroyer heart the Destroyer

    CERN the Destroyer heart the Destroyer

    Ladies and gentlemen of the Earth as a fellow citizen of the Earth as a field citizen of the United States we have a duty to each other not it just here but all across the world to stop this company called CERN the globalist own company and HAARP that is trying to destroy our way alives I asked all...

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  • make kenna a panda

    make kenna a panda

    kenna wants to be a panda. sign this to make her one. pls and thk u  

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  • Sixth Grade Petition

    Sixth Grade Petition

    Boys and girls should sit together at lunch to learn about each other and possibly make new friends.

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  • Save Animals. No Kill.

    Save Animals. No Kill.

    It breaks my heart to see animals roaming the streets with no home to go too or starving with nothing to eat. I am a rescue fur mama of a yellow lab and wouldn't have it any other way. He would have died if I didn't rescue him. Why would anyone wanna kill a dog who just needs some love and attention...

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  • Get Analysse Gee Back To Scosttsdale

    Get Analysse Gee Back To Scosttsdale

    Analysse Gee has lived in Scottsdale for her whole life. Then one month her family decided to bop on over to Puerto Rico. Analysse Gee is not a fan of Puerto Rico and would like to move back to $cottsdale, Arizona because the rest of her family likes it. If you are reading this please sign it. She probably...

    14 Signatures
  • Let Tuna keep the kitty

    Let Tuna keep the kitty

    Sign the petition and share it with your friends!

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  • #FreeVesper


    All in favor of freeing the innocent lad that is vesper who was wrongly accused and wrongly imprisoned sign this 

    8 Signatures
  • Unlimited swipes

    Unlimited swipes

    In this lonely world, people are browseing online for ass. This is interupted by the constant fear of "am i gling to run out of likes". This is a fear i know all to well. As a chronic swiper I often swipe to much, having to wait many hours to match away. As someone looking for a one this can be frustrating...

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  • I identify as an Apache Attack Helicopter

    I identify as an Apache Attack Helicopter

    If you to suffer harassment, or are being bullied for letting your blade blades rotate, you are not alone. Sign this petition for the rights of all Apache Attack Helicopters rights and maybe we can even make this a national thing. Sign now with those dual Gattling guns of yours, we can do it. ...

    14 Signatures
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